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This is not a pretty picture about how Kern County -- currently California's coronavirus hot spot -- is handling this public health crisis

Amazon might turn Sears, J.C. Penney stores in shopping malls into fulfillment centers via @WSJ 

Amid COVID-19, California releases some inmates doing time for murder. Why many think this is actually the safest thing to do

Love these two LA summer pandemic scenes-- one from Uptown Whittier, the other from Woodland Hills.

Tahoe father implores tourists to stop visiting after son falls critically ill via @SFGate 

Tim Cook, Bon Iger, Janet Yellen are offering formal advice to Gavin Newsom on coronavirus and the economy. But what they are actually telling the governor is remains largely secret. @philwillon  digs for answers

“Those images are seared in my brain forever,” she said. “And they’re not even good photos! Like, that’s what I keep going back to. I’m like, ‘God.’”

Silver Lake memorial protesting police brutality must come down, DWP says

Police union to Garcetti: Don't drag cops into your 'party house' plan


More than a dozen California newspaper lead their Sunday paper with the same story -- a deep dive into police misconduct records. Access to that data was a major victory for the press.

This was Zuma Beach in Malibu as the fire marched to the Pacific Ocean, a burning version of Noah's Arc ... Unbelievable photo by

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He gave his wife CPR as she died after contracting coronavirus. Officials won't test him

ACLU sues to end L.A. curfew, calling it a suppression of political protest

THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO KNOW > @latimes  has filed suit against the LA Sheriff, which has repeatedly refused to turn over public records including those about deputies involved in misconduct or shootings.

☀️??️Trump Administration report on Climate change: "The area burned across the western U.S. from 1984 to 2015 was twice what it would have been if climate change had not occurred, according to analyses cited in the report."

Latest on Azusa shooting: --Happened near polling place. --Active shooter is heavily armed. --At least 4 shot.

AMAZING photos >> Animals being evacuated from LA zoo -- as fire approaches in Griffith Park. Firefighters hope to stop it