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On Fox, Pompeo says Trump fired Linick "to make sure ... we had an inspector general that was working towards the mission of the ... Department of State and the foreign policy of Donald Trump. ... They've attacked my wife for trying to help the State Dept. and the CIA be better."

Nope, recycling actually won't take care of everything:

#COVID19 Although economically damaging #lockdown  was socially necessary. But pair of @BorisJohnson  + CUMMINGS criminally incompetent in the way they have handled it-to the point where, now we have highest % of excess deaths above any country in Europe! #LaughingStockOfTheWorld 

Capitalism is broken. We are breaking. While we sort it out, let’s not burn our own houses down? @KillerMike  is the single most salient voice in music (and yes, the arts) right now. Ears front. RTJ.

If you look down you will fall. If you look up, you will fly. Unknown (Photo: JuneStoyer) #motivation  #New  York

Anywho this is Trump, casting about for a scapegoat/enemy that he can make work for him. Just a few days ago it was China.

If you have a chair, though, then you can indeed push your legs to the limit, thanks to this Bulgarian split squat superset