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Metrics are dangerously mislabeled. At the very top () they claim that there there are 1,621,348 Coronavirus Cases. The big problem with the pandemic is that we don't know the number of cases. We know *confirmed cases*. The total is surely much higher.

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Why do people – including journalists – rely on for data on the pandemic? It has big errors. It has been like this for weeks. And it's not getting better.

Cats are far more susceptible to new coronavirus than #dogs  are, but people shouldn't be 'fearful' of their pets: study @sciencemagazine 

We are all in this together, and together is how we are going to win. Help us fight #COVID19 . Donate today: Thank you for supporting Sunnybrook as we all take on this fight.

1/ Last week I posted about automated digital contact tracing apps- lots of discussion since: @CaseyNewton  @DKThomp  articles, @djweitzner  privacy-protective framework now lemme talk about the other kind of contact tracing app

He eats six meals a day, even while he's traveling—including a cheat meal.

Our #telemedicine  guide walks you through the steps of effectively using #telehealth  to boost your physician practices during the #COVID19  #pandemic . Here are the key points our guide advises.

The exciting series packs a ton of great music in its seven short episodes.

A new smartphone app is helping track the onset and progression of COVID-19 symptoms of millions across the U.S., with the goal of helping slow the spread of disease. @AndyChanMD 

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