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🩸A newly-approved drug developed by a USCalifornia company will help treat the root causes of sickle cell disease, bringing hope to 20M+ people around the world. @AfricaMediaHub  @GHDatState 

The spirit of Dec 3's Int'l Day of People with Disabilities is to ensure that the 1 Billion who live with a disability have equal opportunities for work, play, health & success. #IDPD2019  #IDPWD  #EqualOpportunity  Download our poster🔜

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The 🇺 #UnitedStates  is a world leader in providing university students (both local & international) access to disability services, no matter what school or program they choose. 👨‍⚖️In fact, it's the law.⚖️ #IDPD2019  #IDPWD  @educationusa 

#China 's oppression o #Uighurs  and othe #Muslim  minorities i #Xinjiang  is a histori #HumanRights  abuse that must stop @uyghurproject  @USAsiaPacific  @Malinowski 

Overwhelming evidence shows the detention and re-education of #Uighurs  & other #Muslim  ethnic minorities is NOT about terrorism. It's #China ’s attempt to erase its own people's Muslim faith and culture. @AmbSaperstein  @StateDeptCT  @StateDRL  @uyghurproject 

The #40YearsofFailure  regime has killed 161 #IranProtesters  in 2 weeks. @AmnestyOnline  reports that some families of the deceased are being billed for the bullets used to kill their loved #IranProtestsones .

#Mentorship  helps #entrepreneurs  grow their businesses. @usembdenmark  teamed up w/ @EYIF  to host a networking event to encourage #WomenEntrepreneurship  in #Copenhagen ’s dynamic tech environment! #WomenEntrepreneurs 💪

🗺️🏍️ With a GPS tracker & a motorcycle, teams are traveling #Niger ’s unmapped roads so @PMIgov  & @USAID  can help improve the #SupplyChain  & deliver anti #Malaria  supplies to local health providers. @USEmbassyNiamey  @AfricaMediaHub 

Meaningful multilateralism means going beyond "talkfests" and focusing on outcomes. The #US  is working with countries around the world 🌏 to get results on important international issues.

Huang Qi build a human rights website and exposed government corruption 🕵️‍♂️💰 in #China  CN . His reward? 12 years in jail. The #US  US is protesting this gross violation of human rights.



#Uighur women in #Xinjiang  are being coerced into marrying Han men. If they refuse, their families can be arrested or sent to an internment camp. We urge friends & allies to join us in calling for #China  to end its persecution of #Uyghurs . #UNGA 

The #WGDP  (led by the @WhiteHouse  & @IvankaTrump ) is giving $27 million to help unlock the potential of #women . 👩🏿‍🔬👩🏻‍💻👩🏾‍✈️👩🏼‍🔧👩🏽‍🎓 The ultimate goal is to empower 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. @AmbCathyRussell 

Check out the latest news and photos from President Trump’s historic summit with the leader of North Korea

Malnutrition is rampant in #Venezuela . While #Maduro  forces continue to block aid, @UNICEF  says 7 million Venezuelans (millions of children) need food. #EstamosUnidosVE 

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U.S. military transport planes with food & medicine for #Venezuela  have landed! Sending ❤️+🙏 to the people of - we are with you! #EstamosUnidosVE  #AyudaHumanitaria 

While this project gets a ✔️ from , many of 's projects #Chinaet  #BeltandRoada  ❌ for saddling countries with one-sided agreements and unsustainable debts ➡️

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Remember #DDay 🎖️ "A strong #alliance  of #free , #sovereign  & #independent  nations is the best defense for our freedoms." - @POTUS  #DDay7575 

Harass. Detain. That’s what the #Maduro  regime does to its opponents in #Venezuela ’s National Assembly, the country’s sole surviving democratic institution. #EstamosUnidosVE  @usembassyve  @WHAAsstSecty 

To stop transnational organized crime, has experts from & teach at Int'l Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs). Our ILEAs train law enforcement from other countries how to combat crimes like human trafficking & terrorism