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Shahid Kapoor

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Thank you for all the concern. Yes I have got a few stitches but am recovering fast. #jersey  has taken a little bit of my blood but a script this good deserves that in the least. Have a good one you all. Keep it real. Make it count. Spread the love. Humanity above all.

To all my #shanatics  thank you for always being there. I am because of you. Big big love. 💕

Just a day to celebrate women isn’t enough. Celebrate them every opportunity you get. For they are the hands that shaped us to be the men we are today. They nurture. They love. They give. And they always look out for us. It is their time. And it’s bloody about time.Gratitude 🙏

At a time like this it is our social responsibility to do everything in our capacity to curb the spread of this virus. Team #Jersey  is suspending shoot so as to enable all unit members to be with their families and in the safety of their homes. Be responsible. Stay safe.❤️🙏

22nd of March#JantaCurfew  . This virus is affecting our heads at a faster rate than our bodies. Let’s show solidarity as a nation. Let’s be at our most positive and our most restrained. Let’s raise the bar. This moment in time calls for it. God speed. Jai hind.

Be at home. Stay safe. Stay mentally emotionally and physically strong. Spread love. Have faith. Pray often. Speak to all those who matter daily. Meditate. Read. Cook. See the sky turn bluer every day. 21 days. Will pass. Keep it real and make it count you all.

Aight all. Gonna connect again soon. Till then. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay positive. Shabbakhair.


This World Cup should have been shared. If England got more boundaries. New Zealand took more wickets. So the criteria is absurd. All 22 of those boys gave their everything and no one was lesser. Then why do only 11 get to feel like they were the best.

When you top the table you prove you are the best in the world. And a bad day is just a bad day. Team India was the best in this world cup. No doubt. Proud of them. #TeamIndia  #bleedblueforever 

She has arrived and words fall short to express our happiness. Thank you for all your wishes.

The sleeping lion is awake. Never put a great man down. Dhoni is,was and always will be a class act.

The ultimate truth.. If an egg is broken by an outside force, a LIFE ENDS. If broken by an inside force, a LIFE BEGINS. You will find all the treasures of life, all the secrets of life inside you. Stop looking outside. Break the egg from inside, let LIFE BEGIN.

I was not supporting either. Just watched a great match. And at the end just felt for the kiwis. England played amazing cricket. But so did the kiwis. They didn’t deserve to be second. No way.

Zain Kapoor is here and we feel complete. Thank you for all the wishes and blessings. We are overjoyed and so grateful. Love to all. ❤️?