“Cinderella” is getting yet another live action remake! Here are all of the details we know so far.

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man fuck every single person with a platform who is choosing to be silent. idc. fuck all of them. you have a platform. you have seen that a man was murdered. you don’t care.

unfollow me. i don’t care if you don’t want to see “this stuff” on your timeline. Twitter has long since evolved from being an entertainment space to being a center of political conversation. #BlackLivesMatter 

talk about this in your homes. Talk to your friends and family. Show them photos. Say his name. If your loved ones have the privilege to “stay away from that kind of news” take that fucking privilege away. #BlackLivesMatter  #GeorgeFloyd 

There are no “contracts” keeping celebs on American soil from speaking up about this. They are just choosing not to because a brand is more important and they want to keep pocketing the money of racists. Fuck all of em. Idc.

"My daughter has been a nanny for this amazing kid for over a year. When he realized she wouldn’t have a senior prom, he wanted to throw her one. He planned a socially distant prom, complete with dancing & her favorite foods." — @bhchapman /Elissa Rogers 💕

And when the smoke and ashes clear and the looting is done. Who cleans up the debris and decayed system that led to the riot? What then? No winners, only losers and more loss. I’m tired of this tiresome movie and the asinine punchline to this same old tired joke. #Truthdom 

Finally getting the credit - thank y’all