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An actual quote from an actual elected member of Congress: “You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think that was a normal tourist visit.”

"I’m also conscious of the fact that we can never rest on the issue of diversity. My feeling is, no matter how much progress we’ve made, it’s never enough.”

@kyrstensinema  to reporters asking about how her meeting with Biden went: “I’m sorry, I didn’t even hear what you said. But I’m also probably not going to answer.”

Super helpful reporting here from Team CNN: 50 of 50 Senate Ds and 219 of 219 House Ds have been vaccinated. Among GOP, 95 of 212 House Rs say they’ve been vaccinated, and 46 of 50 Senate Rs

Member’s response was unnecessarily profane. Also absolutely unheard of that a staffer, especially a low-level one, would speak to a member this way.

Exclusive: Trump Created an Office That Highlighted Immigrant Crime. Biden's DHS Plans to Keep It.

Cheney told Karl that McCarthy "absolutely should" testify before any commission, and that she "wouldn't be surprised if he were subpoenaed."

“Newsrooms need to be inclusive in our culture and also in our coverage, and we need to ensure that we aren’t just hiring diverse voices but really listening to them.”


Obama and Biden did not leave behind all those judicial vacancies, despite what Trump says. McConnell did.

Yowza -- Senate Dems say in new letter that there is information in Kavanaugh's past FBI background checks that involve either inappropriate sexual behavior or alcohol abuse (aides won't elaborate which)

Kamala Harris is also the first Asian-American vice presidential nominee in history — which a lot of news organizations seem to be forgetting.

During the Senate GOP lunch today, Moran told colleagues that Rand was at the gym this morning, per two sources briefed on the lunch, and that he was swimming in the pool. Rand got his COVID-19 results back this morning.

Can someone help me do a clip search and find whether Antonin Scalia was asked whether he could be a proper father to nine children when he was nominated to the Supreme Court

His final public appearance, visiting the newly-named Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington. RIP to @repjohnlewis .

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Mark Kelly, should he win the Arizona Senate seat, could be sworn in as early as Nov. 30, according to elections law experts who spoke to the Arizona Republic

POTUS shows off his pizza at Arcaro and Genell Takeaway Kitchen