Senate / Hong Kong Human Rights / Democracy Act / United States-Hong Kong Policy / Hong Kong / China

?The Senate unanimously passes the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. As the author of the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 who has advocated for Hong Kong for decades, I am proud to stand with the protestors and hold China accountable.

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Senate / Hong Kong Human Rights / Democracy Act / United States-Hong Kong Policy / Hong Kong / China

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@RonnyJackson4TX  is a spectacular man. An Admiral in the Navy, he is a brave and loyal Warrior who loves our Military and Vets. As a medical doctor, Ronny is great on HealthCare and he is Strong on Cutting Taxes, the Border and the Second Amendment...

Christina Hagan@RepHagan ) will be an incredible Congresswoman for the working families of Northeast Ohio. An early supporter of our #MAGA  agenda, she is Strong on Jobs, Border Security and your Second Amendment. Christina is running against an absolute failure, Tim Ryan, who...

Congressman Jeff Van Drew@VanDrewForNJ ) is a Courageous Leader who defended me against Pelosi’s Impeachment Scam and is a conservative who shares our Republican values. Jeff is a fighter for South Jersey and will always put America First. Vote for Jeff!

Congressman @PaulGosar  is a tremendous supporter of our #MAGAgenda ! He is Strong on the Wall, Law Enforcement and the Second Amendment, and he always puts America First! Paul has my Complete and Total Endorsement. #AZ04 

Watching Hamilton during this pandemic and thinking: It would be nice, it would be nice to have Washington (D.C.) on our side.

One of the reasons I would not be a good editor: if someone came to me and said, “Hey, what if we get Alan Dershowitz to write about Ghislane Maxwell,” I would brain them with a tape dispenser.

I worked with Johnson at the Telegraph for 12 years. Never once do I remember him going to a local pub. Not even for one of the leaving dos of the poor sub-editors who had to try to fact-check his crap columns and make them readable.

#HillaryClinton is not above the law, yet she has a record of contempt for the rule of law. Our leaders are bound by the rule of law, so Clinton must be held accountable. RETWEET if you agree & sign HERE:

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