House Democrats’ impeachment resolution would just codify their unfair process. Here’s what it contemplates: 1. No due process now 2. Maybe some later 3. But only if they feel like it No American, the president or anyone else, should be subjected to this kind of unfairness.

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Talking about divisiveness amongst our own, in addition to the divides we face in this country and worldwide. #NANSaturdayActionRally 

Paid my homage at the Vizhinjam Muhyadeen Masjid’s annual Urs festivities. Though I attend every year, it’s wonderful to see my constituents relaxed & devoutly celebratory! Also called on the local Jama’ath Office where I shook hands w/the President and his Committee.

WATCH: Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says stopping the impeachment investigation now may leave some stones unturned. #MTPDaily  @glennkirschner2 : “The old prosecutor in me likes to hold all wrong-doers accountable.”

Supreme Court rejects Trump admin request to resume federal executions

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Walter Shaub, the former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, called out Republican lawmakers who continue to stump for President Donald Trump with a mocking Twitter thread.

#Sens head coach D.J. Smith talks about his line-up and more ahead of today’s matinee in Philadelphia.

With a young worshipper, Tanha, in line at the Vizhinjam Muhyadeen Masjid. She told me proudly she was studying in LKG & I assured her that when she grew bigger she would be in UKG!

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POLITICS 101: According to his own advisers, TRUMP does not seem to understand why Republican governors — unlike Senators — have not bent to his will, & instead have shown a willingness to cast aside his allies. @maggieNYT :

Piers Morgan furiously lashes out at Boris Johnson for failing to give him an interview