Today, tens of thousands of peace officers gathered in our nation’s capital to honor the service and sacrifice of their fallen brothers and sisters in uniform. I was proud to cosponsor the resolution designating this week as ‘National Police Week.’

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President @realDonaldTrump  delivers a statement on the sham impeachment process:

Chris Wallace says it's "incredible" that Sondland & Volker wouldn't connect the dots sooner, failed to ask themselves the obvious: "Why would the president be asking for an investigation of one particular company in Ukraine?"

Congressman Nunes? There’s a Mr. Sondland here. He says he has an appointment.

🥀 Labour MSPs have just voted with the Tories against the principle of an NHS Protection Bill, which would protect the NHS from being opened up to Donald Trump. 💵 Trump has said “Everything’s on the table, so NHS or anything else”. 🏥 #VoteSNP  to protect Scotland’s NHS.

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BREAKING: Sondland ADMITTED that he met with Ukrainian President Zelensky on 7/26 — the day after the 7/25 phone call. And what did Zelensky say about the call? That it was a good call, with no complaints from Zelensky.

Energy spokesperson responds to Sondland testimony and accused the witness of misrepresenting @SecretaryPerry  interactions and direction from President Trump.

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Gordon Sondland put his finger on a key distinction in PresidentTrump's interest in Ukraine: For Trump, it seemed more important that Ukrainian officials announce that they were investigating Democrats than for them to actually follow through

"If you're asking me could the politics of this change at all, I think if a John Bolton ended up confirming large parts of Gordon Sondland's testimony — if that doesn't penetrate the bubble nothing will." - @chucktodd 

Rep. Adam Schiff: "Are we prepared to accept that a president of the United States can leverage official acts... to get an investigation of a political rival?"