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U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Images of Beijing-backed forces brutalizing civilians speak for themselves. Millions of Hong Kongers protesting the Chinese Communist Party’s encroachment know the truth about exactly who is responsible for “inciting” chaos. The rest of the world knows too

This video highlights the importance of our work to deploy the “Unified Method” for removing #AsianCarp  in Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake. Proud to work with @POTUS  & local leaders to bring national attention to the pressing threat in our #Kentucky  lakes.

The entire nation is horrified by today's senseless violence in El Paso. Elaine's and my prayers go out to the victims of this terrible violence, their families and friends, and the brave first responders who charged into harm’s way.

Looking forward to joining @terrymeiners  today on @840WHAS  in #Kentucky  to discuss the news of the day. Tune in live at 4:05 ET today:

The forces that seek to harm the United States and our interests demand the attention of a fully-equipped, modern and ready military. Passing the bipartisan funding agreement before the Senate today will help us make sure we are up to the task.


When 94% of Senate Democrats could not even vote to protect babies after they’re born, we are no longer dealing with a normal, traditional Democratic Party.

Does anyone really think that the same people who called Judge Kavanaugh “evil” long before they heard one word of testimony will be satisfied? It’s time to put this embarrassing spectacle behind us, and vote on this impressive, stunningly qualified Supreme Court nominee.

The Senate voted on the Green New Deal today: 0 Yeas, 57 Nays, and 43 Senators voted PRESENT

My Democrat friends might want to consider this from then-Judiciary Committee Chairman JOE BIDEN (D-DE) In 1991: The ‘FBI Explicitly Does Not, In This Or Any Other Case Reach A Conclusion, Period’

Democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man’s personal and professional life on the basis of unsubstantiated and uncorroborated allegations. This is a smear campaign, pure and simple…aided and abetted by members of the United States Senate.

Enough political spite. Enough showboating for “the Resistance.” The President has produced a fair compromise that pairs full-year government funding with immigration policy priorities from both sides. It’s time to make a deal.

H.R.1 is a blatant power grab to give Washington bureaucrats control over what American citizens can say about politics, how we can say it, and how we cast our ballots.