Sarah El Deeb

Sarah El Deeb

Associated Press correspondent covering Syria and Lebanon. keeping an eye on the region and a closer eye on Egypt.

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The explosion in #Beirut  left around a 250,000 with homes unfit to live in. But they have not had to crowd into collective shelters or sleep in public parks.That’s because in the absence of the state, Lebanese have stepped up to help each other. @hendtrk 

In a flash, #Beirut  blast tore up thousands of homes. @Hassanammar5  captures what remains

Blast destroyed landmark 19th century Sursock palace in 's Achrafieh district #Beirut / fotos of @ndrearosa  @felipedana 

#Lebanon government resigns amid popular anger & political chaos following #Beirutexplosion  - "It was a lame duck government" @mahamyahya  said yesterday & PM tried to maneuver to buy time by calling for early elex. that clearly hastened end of his cabinet

French expert: Dangerous chemicals remain in #Beirut  port, days after explosion rescuers trying to secure 10 potentially dangerous chemical containers @NadAchouiLesage 

Children in Beirut suffer from trauma after deadly blast- 4-year-old daughter Raya has turned the #Lebanon  national anthem into a song about the blast. Abed refuses to wear his red shoes . @dalalmawad ⁩ reports

#Lebanon 's multiple crises have shaken the resolve of even the most ambitious. Small businesses, self-employed are hardest hit.

at least 8,000 buildings, many concentrated in Gemayzeh and Mar Mikhael, were affected. Among them are some 640 historic buildings, approximately 60 of which are at risk of collapse. @bmroue 


TV and radio presenters reading the names of missing or wounded people all throughout the night during the live coverage of the catastrophic #Beirut  explosion - hundreds of names. That is something I can’t forget #BeirutBlastBl #لن_ننسيast.

Homeless but had a bed to sleep in because of #Beirut  friends.Wounds need stitches but city hospitals overwhelmed. A small clinic can take care of me. It’s the city open gushing wound that will need teams of healers and lots of love &care to tend to. #dayafter  #Beirut_Explosion_Explosion 

Sarah Hegazi - an #Egypt  activist jailed for raising the rainbow flag in Cairo and living in exile in Canada- took her own life #trauma  #prison  “you are a different person after prison” she wrote

Tear gas too soon - as protesters, mostly angry, try to approach parliament. #لبنان_ينتفض #Beirut_Explosion 

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Family of four die in their sleep while a coal heater burns faintly to give them a little warmth In Freezing temperatures in #Syria 's Idlib where a military offensive has pushed them out of home and into a makeshift tent! Pain compounded (from @AP )

Friends are asking how to help #Beirut  - a good place to start the @RedCrossLebanon  - starting here a list of places #BeirutExplosions 

A symbolic #Hajj  season: 1,000 pilgrims down from 2.5 million, only from #saudi , sterilized pebbles and no touching the Kabaa- life after #COVID ー19 @ayaelb ⁩ reports

The blast was stunning even 4 a city that has seen a 15-year civil war,suicide bombings, Israel bombardment &political assassinations.”This country is cursed” muttered a young man walking z devastated streets.we survived.not everyone did w/ @bmroue  @zkaram 

#Lebanon 's hospitals, among the best in the region, are cracking under the country's financial crisis. Accumulated debt, banking restrictions and currency in free fall making operations unsustainable- while coronavirus cases are surging