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If you don’t want #WeLoveYamiche  to trend, should we not keep tweeting #WeLoveYamiche ? Because it feels like #WeLoveYamiche  is trending. And we should tweet #WeLoveYamiche 

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a billionaire and the state’s richest man, has a long list of debt-collection cases. In the most complete analysis of his legal record to date, ProPublica found dozens totaling more than $128 million.

"They are not ready, they are absolutely not ready." A semi-retired GP nurse who is part of the government's test and trace programme gives her view on its launch

The #ClapForCarers  organiser says tonight was the last time she'll clap for NHS and key workers. 🗣 @IainDale  asks: Is she right or will you keep clapping?

Thread: There are a bunch of models that project Covid infections and deaths in countries around the world. I have found several of these super useful (some more accurate than others). I want to share some of them here.

The UK has come together to clap for our carers and key workers for a 10th time 👏👏 It could be the final time the weekly tribute takes place

#PopeFrancis sends his blessings to the Catholic Church in the UK and Ireland for the annual #DayForLife , and invites everyone to uphold the dignity of every human life.

Press pool summoned to Oval Office for photo op of President's briefing on the hurricane season.

Cannibal dinosaurs resorted to eating each other when food was scarce

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The kid that played next to his dead mother in Muzaffarpur station is now safe with his grandparents. Here's a report. #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep 

We now know Trump can falsely accuse someone of murder without triggering a political exodus. This “Fifth Avenue problem” is a central puzzle of the Trump presidency, @brianklaas  writes