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About 40,000 vessels pass through the Ballard Locks each year, making it the nation’s busiest lock system in overall traffic. After about 100 years of use, the locks are now in need of repair. https://t.co/aezFRulY19
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Here’s the skinny on streaming TV options for cordcutters: https://t.co/4Ma9AF2Wmv
Don’t like Facebook’s change to its news feed strategy? Wait five minutes. Commentary: https://t.co/2ABp56UWrR
Facebook says it will emphasize "trustworth"’ news via user surveys. https://t.co/wYd3cZs3VO
Journalists form union at Los Angeles Times and the publisher is out. https://t.co/ekaFBp2Xev

Ross Levinsohn was placed on an unpaid leave of absence amid allegations of past improper behavior.
Congress has shut down the government. Now what?: https://t.co/mTALYIme6o
Twitter accounts linked to Russian networks are pushing a conservative meme related to the investigation of Russian election interference, researchers say: https://t.co/drpT57MJWC
How to get to the Seattle Women’s March on Saturday – and home again: https://t.co/90mkDgA1k6
Tech companies and lawmakers support Microsoft in Supreme Court case that has far-reaching implications for digital privacy across countries’ borders. https://t.co/UYjbWkSfsY
The Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people researched SWAT tactics and investigated potential targets in at least four cities. But authorities still don't know why he did it: https://t.co/PvFOKfv44v
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