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Latest Scoops

Randolph Henning Hokanson carried his high musical standards from the concert stage to the UW classroom, inspiring generations of young pianists and concert audiences alike. https://t.co/qepkeeql9b
• Dressed in warm-ups
• Announced as the starting RB
• But, in the end, Myles Gaskin missed the first game of his career.

Did Chris Petersen attempt some slight subterfuge? 🤔 #CUvsUW https://t.co/tqQ5vJK3kl
Showbox trial delayed to August 2019 after a judge dismissed a portion of the lawsuit Friday. https://t.co/WBI2ENBj3y
A U.N. agency set a 2020 deadline for shippers to limit the sulfur content in maritime fuel, but few have done so. https://t.co/s2LyPV6Jhn #maritime
Check out these four new happy hours in Seattle: https://t.co/irKiby1dti
A security guard has been charged with sexually assaulting a patient at an addiction facility in Auburn. https://t.co/9iNlowrheZ
Sen. Maria Cantwell, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Susan Hutchison held their second debate in Spokane. https://t.co/t0opCvrsUU
This new Chinese restaurant is at heart a mom-and-pop shop. The sort of place where they remember customers they’ve seen before and may even recall what you ate the last time you were in. https://t.co/ah59eZVqtP
According to a new independent ranking of anti-corruption laws, Washington is number one in cracking down on corruption. https://t.co/jCZgwHXCwe
The corpse flower in the Amazon Speres bloomed last night, and may not bloom again for another 10 years. And yes, it smelled terrible. https://t.co/PRV52XyouY
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