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Latest Scoops

Boeing unveiled its annual 20-year forecast for the airplane business at #FIA18 on Tuesday, projecting that the world fleet of jet planes will double over the next two decades. https://t.co/pTT2nlzQJH
Tiny-home villages are a key part of Seattle’s homeless strategy. So why did one village lack case management for three months? (via @ViannaDavila)
Amid worsening financial picture, UW President Ana Mari Cauce returns $95K in deferred compensation, @katherinelong reports: https://t.co/tGSk6GXR20
ReachNow launches ride-hailing app that competes with Uber, Lyft (via @mlbaruchman)
Saving Aberdeen history after museum fire, one photo and VHS tape at a time (via @ErikLacitis)

➡️ https://t.co/RVbbAiiwmo
Undulation puts you in touch with your body — gently https://t.co/Wpj8ML4QGc
Man injured in fire that destroys shed, car in Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle (via @AguedaPachecOH)
No abnormalities found in cougar that killed 1, injured 1 near North Bend
Boeing, pursuing its 797 concept, woos a key Airbus customer and stirs industry debate, @dominicgates reports. #FIA2018
Rep. Adam Smith: Hard to see Trump’s summit conduct ‘as anything other than treason’ (via @Jim_Brunner)
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