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Tableau, a Seattle-based company, launches new technology that helps workers quickly sort and prepare massive amounts of data for analyzing. Tableau is also adjusting its pricing. https://t.co/KXJZfcK09Q
The shadowy world of transshipments — zigzagging routes used to disguise a product’s origin — is set to get a much closer look in any trade dispute negotiations between China and the United States. https://t.co/bEZq8QezHK
The system will likely be back up and running Wednesday morning, five days after it went offline. https://t.co/Oyzt9sFhRE
If Seattle becomes too unaffordable to stay, or even move to in the first place, the U.S. offers some real and affordable cities worth considering. Economics columnist @jontalton offers his top 5: https://t.co/D4apViOCCi
For every music fan who has ever grumbled about the price of concert tickets (or exorbitant “convenience” fees), one of the country’s largest ticket promoters is offering a little reprieve. https://t.co/ktd3bZ3CQO
How merchants quietly use Facebook to flood Amazon with fake reviews. https://t.co/HtK99iv8a0
Stuck in a tangled net of the century-old Jones Act, a ballast-water measure, politics and fishing restrictions sought by competitors, the most modern American-made fishing trawler sits unfinished in Washington state. https://t.co/KEqHJLBFhl #maritime
The son of a furniture magnate, Peter Knoll is believed to have never worked a day in his life. But despite all his privilege, his gas service was off and he froze to death this winter.

The story of Knoll’s unlikely death is tangled and complicated. https://t.co/MwmX9c39YQ
Pompeo, who’s now CIA director, received the panel’s approval only after Trump’s last-minute overtures to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Pompeo’s nomination now goes to the full Senate. https://t.co/vUQqh2AfAq
Nintendo takes cardboard to the next level. https://t.co/DaRb20XD3M

Build-it-yourself Nintendo Labo cardboard kits, with accompanying software, will let users transform the Switch into a miniature piano, motorcycle handlebars, robot exoskeleton and other objects. #videogames
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