5 takeaways from UW's 52-20 thrashing of Hawaii

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A small point here, but worth repeating that even withholding the Ukrainian aid, for *whatever reason* wasn't lawful! The aid was passed by both houses and signed into law by the president. The president doesn't get to just withhold it.

TRUMP on Oct 3rd: "I spoke to (McConnell)...he said, 'That was the most innocent phone call that I've read.'" MCCONNELL today: "I don't recall any conversations with the President about that phone call."

Last time a government lost a programme motion was, I believe, on our House of Lords Reform Bill in 2012. The person who led the rebellion was Jacob Rees-Mogg. Funny in politics how what goes around comes around

U.S. envoy says he was told Trump wanted Ukraine aid to be contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election

Sondland told Taylor he made a mistake earlier by telling the Ukrainian’s that a WH meeting with Zelensky “was dependent on a public announcement of the investigations.” “In fact, Sondland said ‘everything’ was dependent on such an announcement, including security assistance.”

Brexit bill clears its first hurdle as MPs back the deal by 329 to 299 - but key timetable vote is yet to come

BREAKING: History in the making as Brexit appears to be making some sort of progress for the first time. UPDATE: False alarm.

What Steven Crowder is saying here is infuriating and exactly what I have been worried about He showed a clip where Tulsi search results were not appearing just after major news coverage of her Its *exactly* like how Google suspended her ad account just after the debates

It’s grimly amusing that this entire crew thought saying “no quid pro quo” before demanding a quid pro quo meant they were in the clear.

Aarti Tikoo Singh, senior Indian journalist from Kashmir at US House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on 'Human Rights in South Asia': The 30 years of Islamic jihad & terror in Kashmir perpetrated by Pakistan has been completely ignored & overlooked by the world press.

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