Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer

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Fantastic piece from @benshapiro  on how the media has covered the allegations against @JoeBiden  "the media's pathetically hypocritical standard on due process and sexual assault allegations won't survive. Neither will their credibility."

While taking questions from the media @POTUS  @realDonald  href='/s/Trump'>Trump was asked about sexual assault allegations against @Joe  href='/s/Biden'>Biden — to be clear, the media has now officially asked Trump more questions about Biden than they’ve asked Biden about Biden

if you are a liberal Democrat and can't answer questions from the home team you have a problem - @MSNBC  Host Asks @NancyPelosi  About A@JoeBidenllegation' alt='JoeBidenllegation'>A@JoeBidenllegation' /'>@JoeBidenllegation'>A@JoeBidenllegation  — She Tells Him ‘I’m Not Going To Answer This Question Again’ via @DailyCaller 

Senator Tom Cotton explains why having Chinese national students in our most sensitive laboratories poses a national security threat -- WATCH: @SenTomCotton  @newsmax 

"NBC is the only network out there that is not letting an independent outside investigation look into all of these accusations, & so you see the NY state's attorney take over this and they're investigating NBC & its time for that to happen" @EmilyMiller 

Nancy Pelosi's $3 Trillion spending bill will be voted on today - its 1,800 pages. Has anyone read it? Has anyone even had time to read it? We asked Congressman@michaelcburgess  WATCH:

A Columbia professor attacked a student, calling him names like "neo-nazi defender" & telling him to "drop dead" on social media all because the student posted a pro-Trump comment, we had the student, Gabriel Montalvo join us. Check out what he had to say:

Coming up at 6p @DonaldJTrumpJr  kicks off #spicerandco  @newsmax  talking abt his back & forth w @HowardStern,  raising $$ virtually for @POTUS  @realDonaldTrump  & @GOP,  the potential unmasking of him & siblings, & quaranting w @kimguilfoyle  Find your channel

@DonaldJTrumpJr  explains the overnight transition @TeamTrump  made to an online campaign, and how he and @kimguilfoyle  are hitting the campaign trail during quarantine-- WATCH:

"Republicans better wake the hell up & do the same thing... these guys have gotten more concerned w protecting these corrupted institutions, they're not protecting our Constitution" @DonaldJTrumpJr  on @RichardGrenell  exposing corruption from #obama  WATCH: