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The clown show known as an "impeachment inquiry" is getting more comical and hapless by the day... #WitchHunt  #QuidProJoe  #ShiftySchiff 


@StigAbell  I think it's an incredible Cummings-ingrained fear of going off-message: of being presented with something, anything, that he doesn't have a script for, that he can't spin into Get Brexit Done - he doesn't even want to look at it. So much for the crazy maverick.

Lil Nas X Covers Juice WRLD’s ‘Lucid Dreams’ in Tribute to Rapper

Members of Juice WRLD's team reportedly told authorities that the rapper took "several unknown pills" prior to his seizure and death.

Off-White x Air Jordan 5 expected to drop right around the All-Star break... 👍or👎?

Fuckboy,I ain’t Got no time for that shit... 📸: bennyy_blanco HMU: taybaebayyy

The cause of Juice WRLD's death is reportedly unknown following his autopsy. Authorities were waiting at the airport, it was suspected the private jet was transporting contraband. He "began convulsing [and] going into a seizure" as luggage was searched:

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World's biggest money printer that makes currency for 140 countries warns of collapse

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Wealthy Newport Beach woman known as big political fundraiser pleaded guilty in college admissions scandal @MatthewOrmseth