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The first thing I do when I get a bracket is punch the 1’s past the first round. I’m still gonna do that but I’ll happily take the L this time #UMBC #MarchMadness #UpsetCity
Coming at you live! @ MLB Networks https://t.co/nPQBnb0G4v
New rule: former teammates on the desk get to ask the 1st question. Our convo with @PaulyWalnuts26 today @NHLNetwork #NHLTonight https://t.co/mMPa9fKnI7
Little neph’s MLB Network debut ⚾️ @ MLB Networks https://t.co/ioChCVPtbF
The only time to ever reach @jonmorosi & me on the phone at the same time is now! Let’s talk about life..or ⚾️- Hit us at 866-652-6696 @MLBNetworkRadio#RuleChanges#Hosmer#Odorizzi#Dickerson
Embrace the changes with Linda & me on @MadDogRadio 1:40pE
#Cubs rotation makeover continues & I’m into the new look: Lester, Darvish, Hendricks, Quintana, Chatwood. That’s a playoff-worthy rotation. Nice balance of lefty/righty too
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It might be time for your club to strike during a quiet offseason 🤔->☁️☁️☁️ A dream conversation for a fan if your team is mentioned here #MLBNowD@Joelsherman1a@CliffCorcorann O’Dowd @MLBNetworkhttps://t.co/DYrxpsWqqm
Killing clock is the key to this drive. During this timeout I’m yelling “STAY INBOUNDS” 5 times. Operation Avoid Brady is on #SuperBowlLII
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