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Latest Scoops

Hey Buddy @ Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin https://t.co/ac2uCZvwLT
On-call for #MLBTonight later if there’s any breaking news. NOT from sources just from my psychic mind: I’m feeling a Wade Davis to the Cardinals deal at 11:43pm #BookIt #WinterMeetings
Here’sssss @JohnnyDamon future Manager?! #WinterMeetings @MLBNetwork https://t.co/CFD6ItHB8t
Let’s make a deal #WinterMeetings @ Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin https://t.co/jvbgfKfk17
Hopping on @MadDogRadio right now to discuss Big G! An obvious short-term win for the Yankees
The #Ohtani tourney is down to 7 teams. Who’s going to advance?! #DecemberMadness #MLBNow @MLBNetwork https://t.co/3j0Y0uK3bc
#ScottyFoodSunday my go-to avocado toast in the fall. I’m a pomegranate lover and this is the… https://t.co/mVG7xZLZAy
Congrats to Aaron Boone on the #Yankees Manager job. Great baseball mind and elite communicator who breathes ⚾️ It’s a dream gig. He takes on a title contender with a lot more gold coming soon from the minor league system
#TBT Best. California. Trip. Ever. @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/JMvxAtwfJF
Ohtani would go for 8 years at 245.6 million as a regular free agent. Yup, that much! Here’s why @MLBNetwork https://t.co/doPTDNLrp9
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