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This is a brilliant use of graphics.

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@BTS_twt  understands the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals#SDGs , do you? It has been six years since they were adopted by the countries members of the UN as a roadmap for a better world by 2030! Watch what Kim Nam Jun RM has to say about them. #BTSARMY 

Ada County, Idaho, Coroner Dotti Owens speaks out about the county's influx of Covid-19 deaths and says the county is running low on room to store bodies.

We need a new Schoolhouse Rock that explains that the US has majority rule for tax cuts and judicial appointments and 60 votes for everything else.

@MaddowBlog : After the 2020 election, fmr. VP Pence was prepared to do the wrong thing. He just couldn't find a credible way to pull it off.

A videographer documenting the Fawn Fire in California made a new best friend after offering an extremely affectionate goat a snack.

Labour Party Deputy Leader@AngelaRayner : 'I've not met a working-class person yet that wants to have to rely on the state. It's just absolute rubbish that people want that.' Listen to Full Disclosure: | @mrjamesob 

Items largely belong to 11th-14th CE & historic antiquities like copper anthropomorphic object of 2000BC or terracotta vase from 2ndCE. Some 45 antiquities belong to Before Common Era. Half of artifacts are cultural, other half are figurines relating to Hinduism, Buddhism&Jainism

'City of the Walking Dead:' Junkies shoot up in broad daylight in Midtown

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The couple is set to attend the Global Citizen Live Concert, which aims to push for greater action on climate change.