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Latest Scoops

Any art class that bans queer students is going to produce some lame-ass art.
“We have to hammer on abusers in every way possible,” Richard Sackler wrote in an email in 2001, when he was president of the company, Purdue Pharma. “They are the culprits and the problem. They are reckless criminals.” https://t.co/DQnZ3c8sYh
The best part of Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentary is the meta-inclusion of a commentator whose own business targeted at millennials collapsed in a horrifyingly spectacular fashion shortly after it was filmed.
.@SenBlumenthal just asked William Barr about the creation of a prison camp for HIV-positive asylum seekers under his watch. He told me that the program was a major red flag for Barr’s confirmation: https://t.co/H10nDQrqLR
William Barr indicated today that he and President Trump won’t be in lockstep on the issue that threatens Trump’s presidency. https://t.co/34JFN6KufP
In New York Times Writeup, Wigs Snatched https://t.co/vqbSHo0Nb4
Please support your local independent bookstores. https://t.co/WBuflQurYZ
President Trump, who once said that Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS,” has nominated a man who once imprisoned HIV-positive Haitian immigrants in Guantanamo Bay to lead the Department of Justice. https://t.co/H10nDQrqLR
President Donald Trump: “I’m going to cripple the government and endanger the global economy over something voters don’t even want.”
Prime Minister Theresa May: “Hold my ale.”
Congress: *turns on gas stove and puts three pounds of aluminum foil in the microwave*
Parliament: *attaches sprinkler head to petrol tank*
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