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Science, technology, and other cool stuff from the folks behind public radio's Science Friday. Hosted by @iraflatow. From @PRI.

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“I describe it as one of nature’s best examples of grace and elegance,” say @PaulStametss . “I believe it to be the first ‘smart’ mushroom. "
Let's play a little photo ID quiz on this fine Thursday afternoon! Can you identify what's pictured here?
“Black holes have actually moved from being marginal to playing a pivotal role in modulating the assembly of stars in galaxies that populate the universe.” —@SheerPriya https://t.co/EIyfPTn3Pt
#OTD in 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born. You may know him as a statesman, wordsmith, or an inventor. But did you know he was also a sonic explorer?

Check out his glass armonica, America's first musical instrument. https://t.co/ZK5k3kVSX5
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Dear word nerds,
Your favorite newsletter is coming back with brand spankin' new stories on the scientific origin of words. That's right, Science Diction is returning!

Sign up to get the first issue TOMORROW! https://t.co/EIw4ouJXjt
Did you know that aerodynamics and a player's kinetic movement can propel a badminton birdie up to 200 mph? https://t.co/MZBMygdpD7
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Under the government shutdown, science is being put on pause. https://t.co/zyxae77cNt
Let's dive into some seal data! https://t.co/OttQXFOa9N
Scientists detected a series of strange blips of radio energy from billions of light years away. Now they're trying to identify the source. https://t.co/yGMdSCxFJc
“If somebody didn’t know what a placenta looked like, they might think this is a landscape with its rivers and tributaries.” —@ciacobu https://t.co/mNiZ6mNUhW
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