@Gov Evers tells @AP  he won't appoint district attorneys who would enforce abortion ban and he would use clemency powers to vacate prison sentences of anyone convicted under the law Evers also says he hopes @WisDOJ  files a lawsuit to at least put the ban on hold

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#EXCLUSIVE Did Veer Savarkar 'propose' two-nation theory? Veer Savarkar's grandson Ranjit Savarkar speaks to India Today, talks about legacy of his grandfather, reacts to Congress' statement #5iveLive | @ShivAroor 

Households earning $400,000 per year or less & small businesses will NOT see an increase in the chances that they are audited by the IRS because of the Inflation Reduction Act. I will NOT allow the IRS to harass taxpaying West Virginians or WV small businesses.

Biden's 2022 summer: - gas prices cratering - Zawahiri dead - unemployment at historic low - 86% drop in COVID deaths - gun safety bill passed - clean energy bill passed - veterans bill passed - drug price cap bill passed And now...cheap chicken wings.

Manish Sisodia named as first accused in CBI FIR. India Today's @MunishPandeyy  gets us all the latest updates. #6PMPrime  #Delhi | @nabilajamal_ 

CRT used to be ubiquitous in the American school system.

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BJP workers wave black flags, throw eggs at Siddaramaiah’s car over his Savarkar banner row Karnataka Youth Congress chief Mohammed Haris Nalapad@nalapad ) slams BJP. Listen in to what he said #5iveLive | @ShivAroor 

In a bizarre theft incident, chocolates were stolen from Lucknow's godown. Whose chocolates were they? Watch this video to find out. #Chocolates  #Lucknow  #NewsMo 

Is it true that working class Black and Hispanic people in South Texas and Louisiana oppose oil and gas leasing? I think we should ask their elected representatives not some NGO guy.

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The idea that Black and Latin Democrats distinguish themselves from white ones by being *more indifferent* to energy costs and job creation is just extremely non-factual and nobody should let nonprofit branding exercises confuse them about that.

80 years ago, Canadian soldiers took part in the Dieppe Raid – one of the most difficult and tragic days of the Second World War for our country. Today, we remember those brave soldiers who defended our values of peace, freedom, and justice.