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Stacey Barchenger

Reporter @northjersey & @asburyparkpress covering the NJ Legislature. Oregon native. Into food, anything outdoors and personification.

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NJ incumbents hold a firm grip, thanks to coveted party ballot lines | From @PoliticalStile  via @northjersey 

Edna Mahan: We shouldn't forget the prison fiasco as the governor's race begins | @PoliticalStile  column for our subscribers: via @northjersey 

Bridget Kelly emerges from GOP primary with most votes for clerk in NJ. Story from @dracioppi : via @NorthJersey 

“It’s not like I’ve built up savings," one woman said. "So it’s scary.”  How will NJ prevent 'avalanche' of homeowner foreclosures once COVID moratorium lifts? Story by @abalcerzak : via @northjersey 

So @terrencemcd ⁩ and I asked New Jersey lawmakers if they got the COVID vaccine. Here's what they said. (🔒) via @northjersey 

New Jersey is flush with cash. How will lawmakers decide to spend it? Follow along this week as lawmakers reveal their spending plan, meanwhile here’s a primer to get you started. (🔒) via @northjersey 

“The bottom-line fact is that this is an election year and the three-men-in-a-room Democrats who run the Statehouse…are not eager to invest heavily in long-term projects that provide no short-term political benefit.” New column from @PoliticalStile  (🔒)

As of right now, NJ lawmakers are planning on taking testimony at 1 pm on their proposed $46 billion budget, which isn’t yet available for the public to see. Sign up here: via @northjersey 

As of right now, Senate and Assembly budget committees are meeting and intend to vote on the budget bill that still isn't available to the public. This is the main chance the public has to comment on the spending plan...


Sen. @declanoscanlon  is passing out White Castle burgers before Senate committee vote on legal weed bill. “If we’re gonna vote on weed..” he says.

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From @AndrewFordNews  & @ProPublica : A 5-step guide for citizens to hold their local police departments accountable through public records:

Protest outside the statehouse annex in Trenton today against the bill to end the public health emergency and seeking to end mask rules for school students. Background in this story here: via @northjersey 

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Gov. Murphy announces NJ statewide curfew for all residents, businesses must close at 8 p.m. Story from @abalcerzak  and @dracioppi : via @northjersey 

Important update to my last tweet: "I was fixing to put it in the plastic recycling one day at home, and I thought, shoot, I can put water in that." Shoutout to @natalie_allison  of @Tennessean  for this follow up:

“There is a hostility toward transparency and a complete lockdown of information that reporters need to keep the public informed,” @CJGriffinEsq ⁩ told me. We collaborated with @njdotcom ⁩ and @AP ⁩ to show what NJ is keeping secret.

Hello from inside the Senate chamber where you can hear folks from outside shouting “Murphy is not our king.”

Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places “There’s no farming here: We’re a sandbar, for Christ’s sake,” said NJ's Long Beach Township Mayor Joe Mancini, whose home address was used for a loan to a cattle ranch. @ProPublica