The power of music in these times

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Love your enemies, but never forget: they are not your friends, and under their clothing they hide hatred and weapons

Zuckerberg just criticized Twitter for acting as an “arbiter of truth” because it fact checker two (2) of Trump’s tweets Facebook’s solution is to make THE DAILY CALLER the arbiter of truth Seriously

All human beings should be absolutely devastated over the unnecessary treatment and loss of George Floyd. It’s sickening. It’s wrong. It’s inexcusable. And, it should NEVER ever happen. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd  #BlackLivesMatter 

“We definitely don’t agree with the looting, but we agree with the protestors”

Happy Birthday to #TWICE 's beautiful and very talented rapper #Dahyun  #다현! #HappyDahyunDay ! 👩‍🎤🎹🎂🍾🎁🎉🎇 🌟 @JYPETWICE 

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Seventeen reportedly preparing for June comeback

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ROOF COLLAPSE: Video from inside The Dixie Chicken in College Station showed water flowing from above before the roof gave way Wednesday night. Details ➡

As Chief Prosecutor, Klobuchar Declined to Bring Charges Against Cop that Killed George Floyd

Dear God, if today I lose my hope, please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams.