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Latest Scoops

Whoa. Judge Jeanine is wild. this normal broadcasting?
“You have North Korea surrounding her” - Trump on his daughter Ivanka being at the Olympics in South Korea
Starting to think that Judge Jeanine is maybe not the best journalist/interviewer of all time
CPAC is a pay to play scheme.

via @lachlan
There’s not much going on in the world so it makes a lot of sense to spend an hour and 15 minutes (and counting) on a CPAC speech when you’re president
again, several of Trump’s hotels are gun-free zones
how long are Trump’s crowds gonna fall for the ruse of The Wall?
Scooplet: Gabby Giffords group has raised more than $1.2 million from 43,000 donors in the last week https://t.co/MvxFpVB60U
Amid Trump’s talk about how school’s need good guys with guns, reps at his hotels in Miami and Hawaii confirm I can’t bring a gun on their premises. The Vegas one says I can, just have to register it first.
Teachers to Trump: We’d rather quit than carry guns https://t.co/HJSPFXWvsH
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