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Despite Flynn saying he wasn’t ambushed, @PressSec says the White House stands by the belief he was ambushed
By the logic of the RNC Chair, Donald Trump opposed $46b in border security funding and so does his former AG Jeff Sessions
Wait, Paul Ryan put out a six-part video docu-series on the passage of the tax cut bill?
Did Rudy discover gifs?
Inside Rudy Giuliani’s quest to confuse us into submission

A vivid and horrifying explanation of the death suffered by Jakelin Caal, the seven-year-old girl under the government’s custody https://t.co/pUk8QXjncn
NEW: Mark Penn has become one of Trump’s most outspoken defenders on the Mueller probe. What’s not revealed in his columns and TV appearances is that his firm was once on the president’s payroll.


W/ @lachlan
Real life, actual witches tell @willsommer that they’re offended by Trump repeatedly calling Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt”

One trying to encourage health care coverage the other celebrating it being taken away
How odd. All these Republicans pledging that they wanted to protect coverage for preexisting conditions before the election are now cheering a ruling that would effectively end the surest way to keep those protections in place.
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