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The McConnell debt ceiling argument — that it is, in fact, about future spending and that Dems should do it on a partisan basis since they’re doing everything else that way — seems complicated by the fact that Republicans, including McConnell voted to move the infrastructure bill

RNC raising money off its pledge to sue over the Biden vaccine/testing requirements announced yesterday

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NYT: The drone strike that the military said took out a potential ISIS car bomber right before we departed Afghanistan likely hit a a longtime worker for a U.S. aid group who was bringing people to and from work.

Was pondering a question tonight that I don't quite have an answer to. Did an positive social or political outcome come from 9/11? If so, what? If you believe it was impossible for that to happen, why?

NEW — The NCAA is on a federal lobbying blitz, hoping to put a standard cap on what student athletes can earn in NIL endorsements. via @Hailey_Fuchs , who is crushing her new beat

this is some Inception level stuff here. Project Veritas got duped by fake lawyers (pretending to be their real lawyers) and paid $165k in legal fees to them

"This guy called me every single day, pretended to be my best friend, and then, he fucked me. He's not a good guy” — Trump on Kevin McCarthy, per Woodward and Costa

Breaking: the White House has ruled OUT minting the coin to resolve the debt ceiling stand off, @lbarronlopez  reports


As you watch MAGA protestors storm the capitol largely unimpeded, recall that BLM protestors were peacefully outside the White House and Trump had them dispersed with, what turned out to be, tear gas.

Am I the only one who goes to bed every night convinced that my mild throat scratch is the beginnings of coronavirus only to wake up with a wave of huge relief that it's gone?

Why are Raphael Warnock’s faith and sermons fair game for attack but Amy Coney Barrett’s religious views not?

So the sequence here appears to be. 1. DNI gets intel that Russia is interfering again in the election 2. Acting DNI briefs lawmakers about the threat. 3. Trump finds out 4. Trump berates acting DNI 5. Trump replaces acting DNI with political stooge/ally

What's the logic for wanting to bail out the cruise line industry but not cover the costs of the postal service?

Trumps campaign appears to believe he has won the election by putting on a mask, which raises the question of why they resisted this tactically brilliant political move until after 133k deaths

One other data point: Loeffler had not made a single stock transaction during the three weeks she served in office prior to this one. This was her first. The day she got the coronavirus briefing.