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NEW — Trump’s pollster fears that Kanye’s bid might actually hurt Trump. Via @swin24  and @willsommer 

NEW — Before Biden announced he would not be speaking at the convention site, three individuals tested positive for COVID there. W/ @HCTrudo 

Should have kept the old font!

Great news. Raises some obvious questions about the reliability of the tests that the White House is using

the president appears to be scrolling through his mentions

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"As Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed this summer for schools to reopen, state leaders told school boards they would need Health Department approval if they wanted to keep classrooms closed. Then they instructed health directors not to give it."


Am I the only one who goes to bed every night convinced that my mild throat scratch is the beginnings of coronavirus only to wake up with a wave of huge relief that it's gone?

Trumps campaign appears to believe he has won the election by putting on a mask, which raises the question of why they resisted this tactically brilliant political move until after 133k deaths

NEW — The son of one of Trump’s pardon recipients gave $85k to Trump victory this August. His wife gave $50k that same month. On top of that, they made an in-kind contribution for $75k in air travel.

What's the logic for wanting to bail out the cruise line industry but not cover the costs of the postal service?

So the sequence here appears to be. 1. DNI gets intel that Russia is interfering again in the election 2. Acting DNI briefs lawmakers about the threat. 3. Trump finds out 4. Trump berates acting DNI 5. Trump replaces acting DNI with political stooge/ally

One other data point: Loeffler had not made a single stock transaction during the three weeks she served in office prior to this one. This was her first. The day she got the coronavirus briefing.