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samantha ronson Don't be mad, UPS is hiring.

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See you at the pool. Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. Here on IGLive and Twitch (link in bio)

Repost from @ddlovato  • #BlackLivesMatter  🖤 Repost from @manifestexhibit  “As we mourn the deaths 130,000 Americans, as we demand those charged with protecting us stop killing us, as we expose the long held truth…

Us: 2020 can’t possibly get worse Kanye West: Hold my beer.....

Repost from @blushwrites  • YES WERE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT AND WERE STILL NOT OVER IT!!! It’s still #nojuaticenopeace  and #blacklivesmatter  and I’ll be spreading that #blackhistory  until it’s #americanhistory  and…

Just wanna thank you for being you. All of you. That’s all.

Unless you follow it with, “may I offer you my vacation home in paradise to use?” Don’t fucking tell me I look tired. Thank you.

I’m assuming the no maskers are also anti vaxxers anyway.


I will never again hear the word “believer” without replacing it, in my mind, with BELIEBER.

We live in a country that has a day dedicated to celebrating doughnuts but gay people can’t get married. Yay!

i don't care if Amanda Bynes is crazy anymore- she's obviously incredibly mean- but more importantly- i learned @rihanna  is funny.

The one thing I have learned through all of this is that Justin Theroux’s dog eats better than I do.

I liked it better in the 80s when Russia actually had to fight to try to own America.

if i have a daughter i'm gonna name her pretty, so she never has self esteem problems. middle name will be ugly though, to keep her balanced

Who called it “he said/she said” and not.... “He said/she wasn’t believed”

Not to point on the obvious- but heck- mitt Romney is reminding me of Kanye at the MTV awards. #Debate2012 

Lets show that we want her to vote NO on Kavanaugh. Pledge to this campaign. If she votes for 's pick your money will go to fund her future opponent. #StopKavanaugh  #BeAHero 

Hey Joan Rivers- you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait, I guess people that old can't hear. #bully