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"If and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, will you get vaccinated?" 10% of Biden voters say no. 41% of Trump voters say no.

That's clothes as a percentage of chair. You can't do that.

@daveweigel  Whoa, I didn't know that! Classic Weigelpedia. One of those rare cases in which Coke/Xerox-style category dominance hurts the brand.

Even more fun: deducing the URL of a document that, given the URL formula for a similar document, might exist.

@mviser  Trump's talking points: 1. He's ahead in secret polls. 2. He wants more debates and is upset that he won't get one before mail ballots are cast. 3. His voters are super enthusiastic. 4. He's trailing in polls only because his "silent majority " won't say they're voting for him.

There's no greater testament to a judge's integrity than disappointing his sponsors.

This is like the Iran-Iraq war. I don't know which side not to believe.


The White House says Stephen Miller's grandmother had mild COVID in March but "made a full and quick recovery.” That's odd. She died on July 4, and the death certificate says COVID-19 led to her death from respiratory arrest. Scoop by @DavidCornDC .

Reminder: Trump posted this the day after Flynn secretly told Russia's ambassador it would be smart to delay response to Obama's sanctions.

The case against Roy Moore, distilled. Documents, supporting witnesses, self-incriminating statements. He's guilty as sin. Read and share.

God bless Chris Wallace for not interrupting this spectacular Kellyanne Conway meltdown.

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"Evil Jews." "When I think of al-Qaida, I can hold my chest out.” They "call our country and our people garbage.” "Anti-Semitic chants that they push forward" Every one of these quotes, attributed to @Ocasio20 @IlhanMN18 and by Republicans, is a fabrication.

Today on the Senate floor, the #2  Republican, John Cornyn, said of Russia's election interference: "Nobody disputes the fact that they were unsuccessful in changing a single vote or affecting the outcome." That is an absolutely false statement.