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Favorite thing about this hearing: @RandPaul , with four top health experts in front of him, spends his entire five minutes (and more) lecturing them about "conceit"—"We need to not be so presumptuous that we know everything"—and asks not a single question.

Fauci: “When we shut down as a nation, in reality only about 50% of the nation shut down ... In many of the European countries, 90, 95% of all activities were shut down. So that is one of the reasons why [in Italy] the cases came down … and then stayed.”

He never learned the difference between “because” and “despite.”

How to lose the debate over removing Confederate statues: 1. Defend ad hoc destruction of them (This turns 62-38 Dem support into 58-42 opposition) 2. Target Jefferson and other slaveholding presidents (This turns 63-23 Dem support into 44-32 opposition)

@rebeccaballhaus  Trump's slide in the polls is important not just because of what it portends, but because it's prodding many of his would-be supporters to bail. Which in turn feeds, and increasingly fulfills, the narrative of his doom.

When the con game is blown, it's blown.

@Sulliview  @dandreznerM  @farhipcEnany 's briefings are a TV show with a target audience of one. The reporters are props, and her job is to proudly rebuke them.

@DemFromCT  @HereticalStoicT  @samsteinh  @swin24e  @sambrodey  #1  job is to wipe out the GOP so badly that its most logical path back to power is to reverse course. Anything close to 40%, let alone below that, will suffice. (How many beatings the party has to take, before it's willing to change course, is TBD)


I love these lectures that women molested by Trump should have spoken up earlier, from Republicans who lack the guts to stand up to him now.

The case against Roy Moore, distilled. Documents, supporting witnesses, self-incriminating statements. He's guilty as sin. Read and share.

God bless Chris Wallace for not interrupting this spectacular Kellyanne Conway meltdown.

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Today on the Senate floor, the #2  Republican, John Cornyn, said of Russia's election interference: "Nobody disputes the fact that they were unsuccessful in changing a single vote or affecting the outcome." That is an absolutely false statement.