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Thanks to @BDUTT  for alerting us and we will continue to help anyone in need in Gurugram. Please continue to stay at home and don't step out except for essential supplies. This is for your safety. We will beat #COVID2019  together.

We also spotted a government #COVID2019  vehicle with relief material that comes to the area regularly even as we were interviewing Mr Manish Kumar. The driver confirmed he comes regularly for supplies

This is a team effort with a lot of support also coming in from @kazimriz  & folks at @_DialogueIndia  - The fabulous @gurgaonpolice  is leading the way.

We reached the same spot where the interview was taken. Please note the background in the video showing Shani Dharam Kanta and the closed Sugarcane juice counter

We found a few people around the area and visited the nearby families. We found they had rations that can last for a week or two. We spoke to the persons who @BDUTT  met. She connected us to them.

We visited the house of a person called Raj. He had some rations left, but a lady in the house was ill, possibly with typhoid. So we immediately gave them 10-days worth of rations

Our survey didn't find any major food shortages currently. We have mapped the area to our database and taken phone numbers of the village sarpanch. A team of @cdgurgaon  , @gurgaonpolice  and @DC_Gurugram  is helping thousands everyday and will continue to do so.

"In one moving story, a constable from @gurgaonpolice  (part of @dcptrafficggm  team) visited his wife who had a miscarriage for a few hours and returned to take part in the distribution of relief." I witnessed this personally.


This @IndiaToday  investigation literally destroys Delhi Police's decades of reputation at one go. Clear confessions by ABVP captured by secret cameras of the reporters. Good work from @rahulkanwal  & team

Reactions When CRPF soldiers die: Under UPA - Home Minister must resign! Under BJP - It is all JNU's fault

Left - 2010 Right - 2020 India, a short journey. From rising economic power to failing democracy

This is a devastating report. How in UP, an aging teacher was picked up along with his orphaned students, all children, some as old as 12, and tortured mercilessly. No evidence against them Rods were "shoved into their anus" that led to "rectal bleeding" ?

As reported day before yesterday in -- BSF and CRPF were asking for helicopters to transport their troops. Government turned them down. (See document) Link to full story here:

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Best comment on #demonetisation  so far A saying in Urdu - jab darji se pajama kat jaye to wo kachche ke fayde ginane lagta hai. Translation: When a tailor cuts short the pajama, he starts telling benefits of underwear.

This has to be said. All those trips to the US -- the Madison Garden, the Howdy Modi, the hugs -- none of it even earned a phone call after the US took out an Iranian leader. And everyone knows India's major strategic interests in Iran. Time to wake up and smell the...?