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What!?!? I used to do this in my driveway all the time but most hoops don’t even allow for this anymore.

Trump’s string of clemency came about through a typically Trumpian process, an ad hoc scramble that bypassed the formal procedures used by past presidents and was driven instead by friendship, fame, personal empathy and a shared sense of persecution.

Two passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died, Japan’s state-owned broadcaster reported

‘Lego Grandma’ builds wheelchair ramps out of secondhand toy blocks

Voters' guide: What you need to know about California’s 2020 primary election

The most tweeted about Democratic presidential candidates during the #DemDebate  tonight, per Twitter: 1. Warren 2. Bloomberg 3. Sanders 4. Biden 5. Buttigieg 6. Klobuchar

There were a lot of spicy moments at tonight's debate. But this one—in which Warren asked Bloomberg about his employees' NDAs—may have been the spiciest. “Mr. Mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those non-disclosure agreements?”

Opinion: We have entered an era where silence is not golden, and our participation is beholden to technology platforms. It's a rigged game we cannot win.

All 11 recipients had an inside connection or were promoted on Fox News. Some were vocal Trump supporters, donated to his campaign or in one case had a son who weekended in the Hamptons with the president’s eldest son.

Retailer says it will lend its clothes to any woman running for public office in the U.S. for free

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