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5 yo woke up with a fever. CVS Minute Clinic says she has flu, prescribes tamaflu. It’s the New Year so the new deductible kicks in. Pharmacy wants $198 for the tamaflu. If we didn’t have it, like millions don’t, she’d go without it, putting her life at risk. Barbaric.

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Minute Clinic

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"This is a management job - Donald Trump is not a manager," says Bloomberg, smugly. Solutionists, by definition, believe they can solve ALL the problems, and easily. The country's a mess, only because it hasn't benefitted from their consideration yet. This is Bloomberg AND Trump.

Give us your thoughts on the debate. Gifs only.

A month after their breakup, Nadine Lustre and James Reid are still taking over the internet as their fans celebrate the fourth anniversary of their first concert four years ago, where they became “officially JaDine.” | @IBiongINQ 

You don’t even have to commit any crimes to be added to the NYPD’s secretive gang database, and there is no clear way for people to learn whether they are listed on it or why.

Warren campaign reports fund-raising spike amid fiery debate performance #DemDebate 

Please let there be an Amy Klobuchar hot mic moment where she just recites ancient curses on Buttigieg for fifteen minutes

Former Senator Claire McCaskill on @MSNBC  with a heck of a line describing tonight's debate: "It was a little bit like a presidential version of Survivor."

Movie idea: Klobuchar is a bounty hunter and she's got 24 hours to get Pete Buttigieg cross country, but Buttigieg refuses to fly.

Weird Bloomberg would say he doesn’t think Sanders can beat Trump, because in 2016 he said Sanders would have beaten Trump