Reporter gets pepper-sprayed in the middle of a live hit (by those forces of democracy) in Bolivia and plows right through it. This is impressive stuff, and helps reveal what’s going on there...

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar on the #DemDebate : "I do think something was missed here, and that was there wasn't enough of going after Donald Trump"

Within the first few minutes of his presidential debate stage debut, Bloomberg came under fierce attack from his Democratic opponents over his record on policing techniques, allegations of sexist remarks, and the money he has poured into his campaign.

BREAKING: Germany mass shooting which killed 11 people was driven by far right ideology

Thermometers with facial recognition are installed in buses in south China to take body temperature in seconds and issue an alert if abnormal data is detected #FightVirus 

BREAKING: Mayor of South Korean city of Daegu urges its 2.5 million people to refrain from going outside as its virus cases spike.

‘It’s not a plan, it’s a PowerPoint’ — Elizabeth Warren took no prisoners during her take down of every one of her competitors’ health care plans

LOOK: Sarah G. smiles for a quick snap here at the ABS-CBN compound on a busy day of band rehearsals for "The Voice Teens", Thursday. | via @shiereyes 

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2 Dalit brothers, accused of theft, stripped and tortured in Rajasthan. Read more here:

Oof. Looks like someone is missing some gray matter.

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