Fun Gates

Fun fact about Bill Gates and capitalism. Decades ago he retired and began giving all his money away. He’s famous for that. Today he’s worth more money than the day he stopped working. Neat trick.

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Fun Gates

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A herd of goats has been spotted roaming the deserted streets of a coastal town in Wales, eating hedges and bushes

4.6 earthquake aftershock at 6:27 pm near the 6.5 earthquake just northwest of Stanley, Idaho. #idwx  #orwx 

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'We are in dire need': Toronto nurse sends public video plea for supplies from inside a COVID-19 unit

Residents of Essen, Germany, flocked to their local drive-in cinema, as conventional cinemas in the country are closed in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. The activity is seeing a newfound popularity amid the country's quarantine restrictions.

Taking advantage of all this quarantine time to get some things off my chest. So...after 3 plus years of Trump it really gives me a bit of a headache when I hear Dems condemning him as hypocritical or as lying or as being illogical or making an inconsistent argument.

Same headache when they say "what would happen if Obama did this" or "Hillary's emails." Don't you get it? He doesn't care. His supporters don't care. Facts don't matter. He is a credibly accused rapist, a racist, unfit, incompetent, deeply unstable. He is a traitor.

He is the most corrupt president in history. He was impeached. He is presiding at once over the greatest public health crisis, the greatest economic crisis and the greatest leadership crisis in American history. And his approval ratings are going up!

This is not a university seminar. This is not the ideal world. This is not even a particularly great world at the moment. The arguments you might use against a normal politician in normal circumstances don't apply. There is only one way to beat this guy.

It's not in an argument. It's not in a televised debate. It is by getting more electoral college votes for @JoeBiden  than for Trump and that means getting more votes. Are you going to be outraged if Trump cheats? If the Russians help? If the GOP suppresses votes?

Too bad. They will. Are you going to be frustrated that many in the GOP will not respond to reason? Yes. Are you going to hate his lies? Yes. Will it be inconceivable to you that a rational human might support him? Of course. It is inconceivable. But it's not rational.