Kevin Mccarthy / Apologize

Kevin McCarthy to @AOC : Apologize for saying "concentration camps." @AOC : Apologize for the concentration camps.

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Kevin Mccarthy / Apologize

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All the money in the world couldn’t save Mike Bloomberg from the pummeling of his life tonight. With my newest colleague @HunterMw :

On #StopAndFrisk  @cenkuygur  brings up @MayorBdB becoming Mayor and ending the policy: "Crime went down, not up." : #tytlive  #DemDebate 

Not sure why so many journalists seem to give credence to the “Barr may quit” meme; he and his daughter (at Treasury) seem rather ensconced in their respective positions

Twitter users unloaded on the former Fox News host for one of his most tone-deaf comments yet.

Two passengers taken off the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan died of coronavirus.

Candidates Fail To Mention Abortion, Though Sens. Sanders, Klobuchar And Warren Will Soon Vote On Abortion Legislation

Two giant icebergs broke off Antarctica. Here's what that means for the continent's health.

“Don’t worry, I got this!” -Cale Makar (probably) #GoAvsGo 

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