Kavanaugh even lied about his connections to Yale: “I have no connections there. I got there by busting my tail.” See this yearbook. He was legacy; his grandfather went there. What pathetic perjury.

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One of the most stunning moments of the #DemDebate : Elizabeth Warren confronting Mike Bloomberg directly and repeatedly about the non-disclosure agreements that past employees have signed regarding allegations of a hostile work environment.

Just as a coda: Bloomberg shrugging off accusations of sexual harassment in his workplace as merely some women who were offended by his jokes is maybe, JUST MAYBE, not the best way to win women voters. #DemDebate 

In 2003, a doctor who had treated SARS patients triggered a cascade of cases by infecting floormates at a Hong Kong hotel. That’s the essence of a super-spreading event.

Federal judge dismisses Chinese tech giant Huawei's lawsuit challenging a U.S. law that bars the government and its contractors from using Huawei equipment because of security concerns.

The most tweeted about Democratic presidential candidates during the #DemDebate  tonight, per Twitter: 1. Warren 2. Bloomberg 3. Sanders 4. Biden 5. Buttigieg 6. Klobuchar

The coronavirus outbreak made toilet paper and surgical masks hot commodities in Singapore and Hong Kong

@AnaKasparian  says all the other candidates have been,, "training uphill" while @MikeBloomberg  was "training downhill." "People gave him the trophy before he even went into the race." #tytlive :

#Eskom says stage 2 rotational load shedding will be implemented from 09:00 on Thursday until 06:00am on Saturday. The power utility further says there’s a high probability that load shedding will continue over the weekend. #Loadshedding  #SABCNews 

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