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Chinese online retailer https://t.co/p0reLp0Cth wants to sell products in Europe and Germany, its founder Richard Liu tells Handelsblatt newspaper in an interview.
Fiat's Marchionne Medical Condition Is `Irreversible': Ansa

Sergio Marchionne, who was replaced as Fiat Chrysler CEO on Saturday because of deteriorating health, is in intensive care, news agency Ansa reports.

Marchionne is hospitalized in Zurich
Sony’s "Equalizer 2" surpassed "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" as the #1 Movie, taking in $35.8m @TheEqualizer https://t.co/VwRomtUDMQ
Worcester 'acid attack': Boy aged three injured - BBC News https://t.co/p0k56P07TN
Accused Russian agent Butina met with President Barack Obama’s administration in 2015 - Reuters
Actor Anthony Anderson under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after a woman alleged he assaulted her #metoo @anthonyanderson
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Trading in crude oil futures will be possible in rials or other currencies in Iran, state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reports, citing Shapour Mohammadi, head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization.

Futures on coins, petroleum products are already traded on exchange
North Korea's Provocation Level Has Dimmed, U.S. Commander Says

- 3 seconds later...

Washington Post reports: lack of progress on North Korea. Trump is super frustrated.

- Fake news at it’s finest @realDonaldTrump
What americans believe gives the worst hangovers?

- When every Russian knows the worst hangover comes from drinking all these drinks together
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