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Russ Feingold

Wisconsin progressive, born and raised. Listening to and serving the great people of my home state for nearly 30 yrs.

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January 6 was an attack on our democracy. To not fully investigate how such an insurrection could happen on our Capitol is to open the door to it happening again. We need a #January6th Commission with the resources and authority of the 9/11 Commission.

PSA: Check out Broken Law, the podcast about the law, who it serves, and who it does not. This is the podcast of the progressive legal movement. Brought to you by @acslaw 

Have you registered for ACS's 2021 Virtual Convention yet? There's still time! @acslaw 

This was an incredible @acslaw  program yesterday on How America’s Racial Caste System Has Limited Opportunities for People of Color. If you missed the event, make sure to check out the video.

Happy #PrideMonth2021 ! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Every month is a good month to live your most authentic self. #Pride2021 

Looking forward to ACS's National Convention next week. We have great panel discussions lined up, including on "The Constitution in Exile" and "Toward a Third Reconstruction." Do not miss out. Register today. @acslaw 

This is egregious. Wielding DOJ for personal and political gain like this is a direct threat to the rule of law in this country and our system of government. #RuleOfLaw  Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress


Court reform isn't a question of if but when. The Right stole two Supreme Court seats. There must be recompense. #CourtsMatter  #CourtReform 

FYI, it does not take a constitutional amendment for DC to gain statehood. How do we know? Because no other state added to this country has required a constitutional amendment. That's 37 states added and zero constitutional amendments needed. #DCStatehoodNow 

It is a myth that the filibuster is the key to bipartisanship. I know this firsthand. Check out my latest piece in @politico  about how the GOP’s perpetuation of this myth is mere subterfuge. #filibusterreform  @acslaw 

The question of DC statehood should not be about the partisan consequence of granting statehood, but about the democratic consequence of denying it. #DCStatehoodNow 

The Constitution is not an argument against federal legislation for DC statehood. Instead, a const. amend. is being used as a red herring, not unlike how claims of bipartisanship are being used as a red herring to argue against reforming the filibuster. Enough. #DCStatehoodNow 

Congratulations to Vanita Gupta, our new Associate Attorney General. Thrilled to celebrate this momentous confirmation.

Just like after 9/11, we need a bipartisan commission that is laser focused on January 6th and will not let up until they have fully established how Jan. 6th happened and what we must do to prevent it from happening again. #jan6commission 

Some filibuster math: There is no bipartisan-inducing power to the number 60. The filibuster is just as effective at thwarting a bill backed by 25 Ds + 26 Rs (if such a bill existed) as it is at thwarting a bill backed by 51 senators of the same party. #Reformthefilibuster