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I do comedy on a stage, sometimes on @TheDailyShow. Proud FAMU grad reppin the 205. I might not be shit to you but my mama thinks I made it. #Cubs #Dolphins

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Anyone else still have ski gear in their closet from a black ski weekend you shouldn’t have gone on 7 yrs ago?
Meet the love of your life on https://t.co/X4ta7HOGkD (IG Stories: @roywoodjr)
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We’re back tonight. New ep of CP Time. Sam Jax mug #3 @TheDailyShow. 📷:@ruminasean
Just once I'd love to have an R-rated Jurassic Park movie so we can really see what them dinosaurs can do.
Theatre packed all weekend but they only sold $23 in concessions something ain’t add up
Catch me on @DetourTBS tonight 10:30/9:30c on @TBSNetwork. Meal prep time. #TheDetour
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RT if you took your Black Panther outfit back to the store talkin bout “I didn’t like the way it fit”
As the Black Panther greeting becomes more popular I’d like to go ahead and file Appropriation Exemption Paperwork on behalf of Xavier Univ. When you see their fans making the X, trust that they've been doing this for years, and have no desires to claim Wakanda.
An actual cruise ship where strangers can legally fight each other would LEGIT make money. Would also make for a good Jason Statham Movie. 'Fight Boat 2: More Fight'

The official, “I’m Tired but also, You Ain’t bout to steal my shit” seat position
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