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I do comedy on a stage, sometimes on @TheDailyShow. Proud FAMU grad reppin the 205. I might not be shit to you but my mama thinks I made it. #Cubs #Dolphins

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Ayyyeeee!!!! The homie @chrisdcomedy slanging jokes right now on @ComedyCentral #Size38Waist !!!!
“I do good things with my life too. The problem is , none of it’s funny so I can’t talk about it on stage.”- Doug Stanhopehttps://t.co/kZkdLEbX4S
If salt can melt ice, then why does ocean water freeze? Order my new book ‘White Science & Other Lies’ also on Audio cassette. Book Signing next Thursday at Joanne Fabrics. Support black authors. God Bless.
Meanwhile at the other government jobs
Upcoming Tour Dates.
Feb 8-9 Seattle
Feb 22-23- Madison
Mar 1-2- Providence RI
Mar 23-24- Philadelphia
April 26-27- Nashville
May 24-25- Winnipeg

Black mama’s make you wear a jacket on late night. I’m on @FallonTonight promoting! ‘No One Loves You’ Jan 25 on @ComedyCentral
📷: @AndrewLipovsky/NBC
TONIGHT. Promotions ‘No One Loves You’ Jan 25 on @ComedyCentral
I cannot tell you how hard I’m laughing right now 😂😂😂💀💀💀
all jokes side, for some it's a status symbol. might as well be an earring.

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