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Yo chill. I’m watching the avs game

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Don’t believe the rumors 😂

My performance at #SuperSaturdayNight  is a week away 🎤 watch live on @ItsOnATT  #ad 

GOOD IN GOODBYE. directed by me. FRIDAY

Notice how the #ImpeachmentTrial  is following the Kavanaugh pattern. Now that the Dems are short on the facts to make their case stick, they are desperately trying to extend the process. They need new witnesses to unfurl new facts. A grimly comic spectacle!

I’m really enjoying this #ImpeachmentTrial . I’m not flustered the way I was with #Kavanaugh . There the Left’s sleazeball tactics almost worked. This time we’re onto them, and we have a secure Senate majority. So pass the popcorn and get on with the show

Criteria for dictators: 1. Political opponents are silenced or jailed 2. No freedom on the part of citizens or press to dissent or impugn the ruler 3. Dictators are for life; they don’t need to run for re-election. Now ask yourself: Does any of this describe @realDonaldTrump ?

road to manic, episode 9. SEASON FINALE 💖

The Republican Party’s patriotism is dead. Thoughts and prayers.

From this Week of Prayer for #ChristianUnity  we want to learn to be more hospitable, in the first place among ourselves as Christians, and among our brothers and sisters of different confessions. Hospitality belongs to the tradition of Christian communities and families.

I keep coming back to you & I ask myself why🤷🏾‍♀️🙄How many y’all been through that😩🤣 #WhyIStillLoveYou  video out NOW! This from my 80’s punkrock look in the video🙌🏾 Go Watch! Song is fire🔥