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Whenever I visit Japan, I've always wanted to see and experience the other stunning cities aside from Tokyo. Now, I found an incredibly economical and extremely convenient way to make that happen. By availing the JR…

New vlog up in my YouTube channel! ASMR + kulitan with my brother 😂 Link here:

I'm super excited... going to 4 countries in 3 months! Definitely a step to "all over the world"! 😁 Need to get my stamina back so conditioning is key. 💜 @ Anytime Fitness Holy Spirit

The Tokyo station is an essential hub for major JR Lines and for several bullet trains. There are 3,000 trains that arrive and depart here daily. JR East has 28 platforms at this station, 20 above the ground and 8…

I believe that you can truly understand the culture of a country through its food so I'm always open to trying different dishes, even the most exotic ones, whenever I visit a new place. Right now here in Sendai, I'm…

Such an honor to be the Global Hand-washing Ambassador this year! Learned a lot from the medical experts who spoke about the importance of washing your hands properly using clean water and soap. 💧 . Thank you to all…

Are you ready to shake off some destinations from your bucket list? 🌅🥘🕍 Discover the wonders and hidden gems of off the beaten path destinations with Robi and Sue in "Unlisted" Watch this trailer and find out…

I got a special box for my special someone. I think I'm ready to make her blush with this one. 😊 . BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in my vlog this Sunday, 5:30 pm. 😮 . Link in my bio! #RobiDVlog 


Philippines is my home. Sorry, it's not for sale.

This girl definitely made my day! 😂 If you have problems or are having a tough day, here's a reminder that laughter is the best medicine. 😁 Watch the full interview on @MYXphilippines  🧡 Credits to @maiqweeks  for the edit 👍🏻

Majo strikes again! Ito na talaga ang tunay na nanay ni Daniel P! 😂 Vlog will be up on Saturday, 11am. Subscribe now! Promise, riot 'to! 👍🏻

Lesson: Think. Rethink... before you act. 💡

Who got to lay down on the Brooklyn bridge? I did! 🙋🏻‍♂️ #MakeLifeMemorable  #SweetEscapeNewYork 

I have seen the video regarding the bullying. I am not happy about it. I was also a victim of that kind of incident before. Tell me, what should we do to these people who feel that they own the campus?