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Now tell me that this circus is not personal. 😅

Now, I am prouder to be part of ABS-CBN because of my bosses. They were present in all hearings. They answered with facts while being poised. More importantly, they showed everyone how you can be honorable amidst any situation. ♥️💚💙 #BilibAkoSaBoss 

Let's put some weight in our faith as we wait. 🙏🏻 ♥️💚💙

TAX AVOIDANCE is NOT TAX EVASION. Don't blame the network for the government's mishap. In the first place, you should've fixed the system. 😬

The very fact that he said that most of the businesses control the government means that you have lost your integrity. 😬

So after watching all the hearings... The GOVERNMENT agency officials (who were under oath) said that ABS-CBN has been cleared with all of the allegations. To the people who are against the franchise renewal: were they all lying? 😬

Remember what's happening now. This is much more than the franchise. What we're experiencing is the great magnifier of the personalities, the priorities, and the agendas of the people in position. Sadly, they forgot the real reason why they were there in the first place.

Vote with CONSCIENCE? Don't worry, we'll vote with PRINCIPLES and INTEGRITY in 2022. ♥️💚💙 #NeverForget 

They have done this to a media giant which did not violate any law. They can easily do it to you. Chilling effect? That's what they wanted from the start: FEAR.

To all the 70 people in Congress who voted against ABS-CBN:


Tax payers need to know where their taxes are going. It’s not yours, it’s OURS. It's FOR THE PEOPLE. PH

Remember: Kindness needs no validation from others.

Philippines is my home. Sorry, it's not for sale. ??

Remember the facts. Remember the truth. Remember your rights. PH

Text RESIGN <SPACE> GHORL and send to 2366. 😅