Rob Crilly

Rob Crilly

White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Old Africa hand, former Afghanistan and Pakistan corr of The Daily Telegraph, author of Saving Darfur

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"But honestly these are fair question..."

A LinkedIn spokeswoman said the company supports freedom of expression except when it doesn't

A reminder that Brutalism is not a synonym for slab-faced monstrosities

Hoping UK puts US on green list this week - but I fear not

Anyone want to give a quick sterling-dollar overview for next six months please?

Former Afghan translators will arrive in Britain today @MailOnline 

When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid From a Clamp, That’s a MorayBravo

Violence against refugees and migrants in Tripoli detention centres forces MSF to suspend activities. Includes reports of automatic weapons being fired on detainees

There's some brown shoes/blue suits advice here that Washington needs to read via @spectator 

The Gareth Southgate@_Percival  suit is not available to American shoppers and I suddenly feel a long, long way from home


Ivanka plans to attend Biden's inauguration to save political career "Ivanka is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she's doing whatever she can to save her reputation" via @MailOnline 

“The US will continue to engage our international partners to ensure we defeat this virus, but we will not be constrained by multilateral organizations influenced by the corrupt WHO and China,” said Judd Deere, a spokesman for the White House.

Spoke to multiple Trump insiders who said they see @PressSec 's role as speaking for the country - not just the president - in taking on the press

@DonaldJTrumpJr  with zinger of the night: "...Biden is basically the Loch Ness Monster of the swamp. For the past half-century, he’s been lurking around in there. He sticks his head up every now and then to run for president, then he disappears and doesn’t do much in between."

Always interesting to hear Harry criticise Press for its "colonial" attitudes. This is the outfit he wore to William's "natives and colonials" party

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