Almost ready @consiusa  #Milan  debate on Eu Us politics economy. The mozzarella @EatalyIT  bonds all the issues!

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Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker says President Trump's postponement of his trip to Denmark — after the country's Prime Minister refused to discuss the sale of Greenland — "makes us look bad as a nation."

Trump cancels trip to Denmark because they won't sell him Greenland. Seriously. @anniekarni ⁩

#WATCH Washington DC:US President Donald Trump reacts on Kashmir issue, says "...There are tremendous problems between those 2 countries. I'll do the best I can to mediate or do something. Great relationship with both of them. But they aren't exactly friends at this moment"(20.8)

COP VS. KID: When this 7-year-old boy busted out his breakdancing moves in Denver this weekend, he didn’t expect a police officer to challenge him to the cutest dance battle ever. 💙🕺

Nearly 500 million bees died in Brazil in just 3 months in 2019

We actually will need in 2021 that global apology tour

Because Obama would have drawn hugely bigger more enthusiastic very photogenic crowds only 25 days later @maggieNYT ⁩

An alligator swam through the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida after some heavy rain 🐊