Ricky Gervais

I care more about animals than I do about people who try to torture them to death.

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Me: I thought I was gonna make an angry album but I didn’t. :) Media: HALSEY makes ANGRY album ! Me: no it’s— Media: ANGEY!!!!

I said what I said! ANGEY!

To everyone who came to the beauty masterclass & artistry talk, you truly were an amazing crowd! I really appreciate and enjoyed all of the questions you asked and all of the tips we shared. Thank you for your continued support. Excited to bring @fentybeauty  to Seoul!

What an incredible chapter in #AGT  history! Relive the winning moment again and again.

Thank you @shinsegaedf  for hosting me at the Shinsegae Myeongdong Store! It was so exciting to see the new @fentybeauty  store in person and I am grateful for our amazing partnership! #FENTYBEAUTY  #shinsegaedutyfree 

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When @Kodileerocks  and @leonalewis  team up for an #AGTFinale  duet, the world stops in its tracks!

Something special in the studio tonight. 🌏