Right pew, wrong show, Jane. It’s and separated at birth. And we shall discuss this on tomorrow’s

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New from me: the USPS is removing more than 500 letter sorting machines nationwide, about 15 percent of its inventory. This is clearly a "reduction" in capacity, not a reallocation of machinery, as USPS has publicly stated. The plan predates Louis DeJoy.

Vigils to take place Friday night for Alberta doctor killed in walk-in clinic

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Canadiens head coach Claude Julien is returning to Montreal to rest following stenting of a coronary artery.

“And so here is a woman who is descended, in one branch of her family, from high-caste people who rejected caste; who was conceived because two people of different backgrounds came together to fight racial caste in America...” Eye-opener by @AnandWrites .

The internet is undefeated. Never lost. Never even tied. Dogs, bruh...

What’s not to like about Kevin St redevelopment? Quite a lot actually via @IrishTimesCultr 

It seems safe to say that a 17-8 loss to punctuate a four-game sweep at home followed by the sight of Dodgers leadoff hitter Mookie Betts tying a record with his sixth three-homer game represented a bad day for a Red Sox team with the worst record in the American League.