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The way the Dolphins are going, they'll go 0-16 with Tua, too.

If you're a Jets quarterback anywhere, Myles Garrett is coming for you. Serioiusly, @RealJoeNamath  @ChadPennington  and everyone else. Watch out.

The last time Miami owned Las Vegas like they will for the Draft, Hyman Roth was backing Moe Greene, a great man of vision and guts.

Looks like we are about to add Cam Newton to this list.

@mikefreemanNFL  As I just paraphrased on my show, the very last owner of the National Football League who would hire the person who rhymes with Wolin Weapernick is the UK Ambassador for a man who's name rhymes with Wonald Wrump.

Great new episode of “NFL: The Grind” set for Wednesday night at 9ET on @EPIXHD  with @JeromeBettis36  who hung in Pittsburgh with the #Steelers  and @cwoodson24  who went to Miami and created a @UMichFootballT '>GO @UMichFootballT  convention with @TomBrady  #NFLTheGrind 

@WVUOU  @NFLT  @alriveronhis  ha @OBJ_  @JoeHawkYoursel  @Reflog_18f3s  been clanking around my timeline for two days now. This video is from warmups. It's fine to wear this in warmups. Not fine to wear in a game, which Bell did not.

Tonight on #NFLTheGrind  @cwoodson24  sits down with an @TomBrady , yes, goes THERE. Check it out 9pmET on @EPIXHD 


In light of everything that’s gone down in the last 72 hours in Oakland, I’d officially like to nominate Mike Tomlin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And Earl Thomas is down and getting carted off with a cast. Exactly why he wanted to get paid. And why no one — NO ONE — should criticize a player wanting to get his when he can.

Nick Foles life will never be the same. Message to rest of world: keep working hard — you never know when your chance will come and when it does, crush it.

Watching “Tom and Jerry” with my 4-year-old daughter, who asks for some water. I hand her glass, which she raises and says: “Dilly, Dilly” Not ashamed to say this may just be my proudest pinnacle of fatherhood.

And the best part: @KingJames  ends @RealSkipBayless  career at ESPN that he built by trolling on him by shutting him the F up.

What a decade for starving hockey fans: 2010 -- #Blackhawks  first cup in 49 years 2011 -- #Bruins  first cup in 39 years 2012 -- #Kings  first cup EVER (44 year wait) 2018 -- #Caps  first cup EVER (43 year wait) 2019 -- #Blues  first cup EVER (51 year wait)

Share far and wide. Thank you, Nathan Philips for who you are, what you stand for and for your Vietnam service. You are loved, respected and appreciated.

With Durant and Kyrie choosing the Nets, it is time for James Dolan to look in the mirror and sell the #Knicks . His utter and humiliating failure at handling a New York sports institution is now complete. Take the billions and go home, Jim.

I mean, they dunk on you at the buzzer of an already decided game and mock you with baby rocking and your own wrist tapping move and you just bide your time and wait. And pounce. Lord, is the absolute man. fans are lucky.

If Fox doesn't grab a shot of Bill Murray in the rain, saying the heavy stuff isn't coming for quite a while, it's a major blown opportunity