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Tom Brady, man. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Thrilled to have @RexChapman  on this week’s “Just Getting Started” because he is so sharing of how dark his opioid addiction days were and how anyone you know dealing with such a darkness could be helped by his light. Please listen, share and subscribe:

As if @TomBrady  vs. @PatrickMahomes5  isn’t special enough, this will be the first Super Bowl matchup between the previous two winning quarterbacks of the Super Bowl...ever.

Someone tested the cannons at Raymond James and scared the crap out of us. Minutes later it happened again just as @michaelirvin88  was making his point. Then, I made mine.

Candlesticks make a nice gift.

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Not even @BrettFavre  would think of attempting this pass.

Great story in the video below, especially how @RexChapman  first met Jimmy V.

Playoff baseball atmosphere in The Bronx as the Yankees fans showed up salty with buzzers, trashcans and scandal in mind and @ABREG_1  spanked an HR in top first with @Giancarlo818  responding with a 2-run jack.


This is remarkable delivery. If it’s not on teleprompter, it’s some of the best broadcasting I’ve ever seen.

Everyone read this and please share, especially if you know anyone who is hitting the bars or acting like they’re not part of a huge social puzzle. Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” - Washington Post

Today is the last Sunday without the NFL until February 11, 2018. We made it. ?

Why did I enjoy this so very much?

And Earl Thomas is down and getting carted off with a cast. Exactly why he wanted to get paid. And why no one — NO ONE — should criticize a player wanting to get his when he can.

In light of everything that’s gone down in the last 72 hours in Oakland, I’d officially like to nominate Mike Tomlin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nick Foles life will never be the same. Message to rest of world: keep working hard — you never know when your chance will come and when it does, crush it.

The Cowboys fall to 0-2 vs. jets in 2019.

Going after @dak  for sharing mental depression and doubt publicly and how it affects his ability to effectively lead others says way more about the person who goes after him than it does about Dak.

Watching “Tom and Jerry” with my 4-year-old daughter, who asks for some water. I hand her glass, which she raises and says: “Dilly, Dilly” Not ashamed to say this may just be my proudest pinnacle of fatherhood.