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Richard Deitsch

Father of twins; fan of Buffalo/Toronto/NYC; Radio at @FAN590 & @sportsnet; former adjunct at @columbiajourn; Writer for The Athletic:

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MEDIA FEATURE: I spent last weekend behind-the-scenes with the Jim Nantz-Tony Romo-Tracy Wolfson crew for the Chiefs-Patriots game. Here's how they put that broadcast together including the importance of @tonyromo  singing "Red Hill Mining Town":

NEW SPORTS MEDIA PODCAST: Roundtable with @GlobeChadFinn  & @benjstrauss  on declining NBA viewership and can it turn around in 2020; media predictions for the new year; the SEC TV deal, and the gutting of Deadspin/SI/too many sports pubs:

The day started with Jim Nantz ordering an egg-and-cheese wake up wrap, a black coffee with a turbo shot, and a 25-count Munchkin from @DunkinDonuts  in Providence. Here's the rest of the story:

How soon until we get the (pensive photo, please) ... Jared and Ivanka at a crossroads piece?

MEDIA FEATURE: I spent last weekend behind-the-scenes with the Jim Nantz-Tony Romo-Tracy Wolfson crew for the @Chiefs ⁩- @Patriots ⁩ game. Here's how they put that broadcast together:

In an editorial that will published in print on Sunday, @nytimes  calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump. That follows the editorial boards of the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, and the Philadelphia Inquirer among others.

Read.... He Was One of Mexico’s Deadliest Assassins. Then He Turned on His Cartel.


Last Wednesday the Skip Bayless-led Undisputed drew 90,000 viewers. On same day in same timeslot: Scooby Doo drew 454,000 on Cartoon Net.

I covered 17 U.S.Opens for Sports Illustrated. This is just my opinion: There is no way a men’s player with Serena resume (multiple GS titles, economic driver of the sport) is getting a third code violation for that language in the finals of a major. No way.

How LeBron James played in this series against one of the greatest teams in NBA history elevates him historically in my eyes.

Here is @SportsCenter  tribute to the life of Stuart Scott. Produced with care and love. Well done.

ESPN Films and Netflix are partnering for a multi-part 10-hour documentary about Michael Jordan. Coming out in 2019. Jordan has signed off on his participation.

@mooremaya  4 WNBA Titles. 2 NCAA Titles. 2 Olympic Gold medals. 125-3 in high school. 3 Chinese League titles. 28 years old.

@HeymanHustle  and @StephMcMahon  are my two favorite people right now on the mic .. regardless of the event.

"I'm pissed off," said Rex Ryan. "I supported Donald Trump. [These comments] are appalling to me... I never signed up for that."