Rep. Mark Pocan

Rep. Mark Pocan

Honored to serve the people of Wisconsin's Second District. First Vice Chair, @USProgressives

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It's almost as if, we should try and ensure people have a voice in their democracy... ...And not rush to purge >200,000 voters from the voter rolls.

First, the @SenateGOP  promises to rig the impeachment trial. Now, they want to hide it from the press? If it don't smell right, it ain't.

Tonight, @realDonaldTrump  comes to my home state of Wisconsin. Well, Wisconsinites have a few questions for you.

Nail, meet coffin. This is why the President obstructed Congress, this is why the @senatemajldr  doesn't want witnesses to testify. @realDonaldTrump  didn't care about corruption, he only cared about using the power of his presidency for personal vendettas.

@HouseDemocrats  have voted to uphold their oath to the Constitution. Now, it's up to the @SenateGOP  to make a decision: hold a fair trial or engage in a cover-up on behalf of an impeached president. Simply put, choose democracy or choose tyranny.

Grad students are workers, and every worker needs a union. It's the final day to submit comments to the @NLRB  to protect graduate student workers' rights. Submit your comments today ➡️

Thanks to @realDonald Trump and the #GOPTaxScam , six of the biggest banks made $120 billion in net income--20 billion more than they've ever made. Ever. Meanwhile, inequality is at its highest-level ever and Trump made cuts to food stamps & Medicaid.

More than two million people across the U.S. work as domestic workers & they represent the largest sector of reported labor trafficking cases. Enough is enough. Domestic workers deserve to be protected and they need a #DomesticWorkersBillofRights  NOW.

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Abortion is a constitutional right. Imagine if these towns were real sanctuary cities that protected immigrant families, and didn't harm people by trying to control their body & spread misinformation about their legal rights.

While this administration attacked science & healthcare, we @AppropsDems  fought to increase funding for the @NIH  by $2.6 billion so people like @drsamuelpoore  can continue their life-changing medical research at @UWMadison  @WiscSurgery .


This is a BIG deal. Today, we found out 1200 empty beds in the Homestead detention center costs us $720k/day. Why are we bankrolling the pockets of a private company for running an empty facility? The American people deserve answers @realDonaldTrump .

When white nationalist Stephen Miller is the best option to defend you, you’re definitely xenophobic and racist.

Andrew call me. I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C.

In ’s budget, there are major cuts to programs like the Special Olympics. Sec. DeVos didn’t know the number of kids who would be hurt by that cut, so I made sure she now knows that 272,000 kids are seeing their support taken away.

President Trump couldn't go to Mar-a-Lago during the government shutdown, so he had a $50,000 golf video game installed at the White House, likely at the EXACT same time 800,000 federal employees were without pay. Unbelievable.

Thanks for reaching out @WhiteHouse , but don't @ me until you've reunited all 2,300 kids with their families.

After reading classified Russian hacking doc & offensive tweets to I will not be attending the Inauguration.

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Just sent @SecPompeo  a letter flagging that the Feb 2019 spending bill prohibits pay to federal officials who prevent other officials from communicating with Congress. We refuse to bankroll this administration while they hold witnesses hostage. Sondland must testify on Ukraine.

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.'s 2020 Education Budget has a 12% agency cut to the department, yet she has a 15.6% increase in executive salaries.🤔 I asked her how she could justify it and I still wasn’t given a straight answer. WATCH HERE 📺