Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer

Progressive Democrat proudly representing Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District.

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I'm working alongside @RepRoKhanna , @RepBarbaraLee  & @USProgressives  to bring their legislation to the floor to restrict funding for military action in Iran & repeal the 2002 AUMF. In the interest of national security, it's critical that we take up these bills immediately.

The House upheld its duty to #DefendOurDemocracy  and impeach the most dangerous president we've ever seen. @senatemajldr  and Senate Republicans now have a choice: defend a liar or defend the constitution?

Iran’s attack against U.S. forces tonight is a predictable reaction to Trump’s reckless decision to assassinate Soleimani. There is a reason why past presidents didn’t make such a careless move, which is now pushing us to the brink of war.

Congress must be resolute in retaining its authority to intervene & keep us from yet another dangerous, pointless war. #NoWarWithIran 

Caught up with @rahnamepting  before the @USProgressives  Caucus meeting yesterday. From @busproject  to , @MoveOnshe  has always been an incredible progressive organizer. The fight continues!

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With today's @EnergyCommerce  hearing, another major cmte has focused time & attention on our movement to bring federal cannabis policy into the 21st century & end the failed war on drugs. This was an encouraging step on our blueprint to legalize cannabis, but we need more action.

An emotional day celebrating the legacy of Dr. King with so many champions of racial progress here in Portland. Many vivid memories and a reminder of so much we have yet to do. #MLKDay 


Trump’s just voted to give away the free & open internet to big corporations—completely disregarding what the American people want. #NetNeutrality 

This is some powerful validation for the work @AOC  @SenSanders  and I are doing in Congress!

White nationalists and racists are NOT welcome in Portland. Period.

Today, @Ocasi @SenSanderso2018, , and I unveiled our resolution to de #ClimateEmergencylare  a . This is about telling the truth about the climate crisis and the urgent, massive action needed to addr #GreenNewDeals #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateAction  #ClimateActionNowit . Now

No one who cares about America should do any business or stay at any of Gordon Sondland's hotels until he fulfills his duty as a citizen to testify & turn over all relevant documents to the House. Here’s a list of his hotels: Share if you agree!