Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer

Progressive Democrat proudly representing Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District.

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Cannabis is now more popular than any politician. It’s time to end the failed war on drugs.

Successful ballot propositions point to the many areas that unite Americans rather than divide us, especially on cannabis. As we enter a difficult period of transition and healing, government action should capitalize on these critical and unifying issues.

What a relief to have a president-elect and vice president-elect listening to SCIENCE and medical experts.

Reflecting today not only on the sacrifices and contributions of our veterans, but also on the ways we can better care for them by eliminating veteran homelessness, ensuring equal access to medical marijuana and quality health care, and more. #VeteransDay 

With COVID-19 on the rise, we should provide monthly direct cash payments of $2,000/month for at least the next 6 months to keep families afloat. It’s common-sense policy that will save lives.

Our local restaurants need help badly. @Senatemajldr  — Pass our RESTAURANTS Act NOW to #SaveRESTAURANTS .

As I told the @nytimes , it's heartbreaking to see more and more local, independent restaurants fail when a bipartisan solution — our RESTAURANTS Act — could save them. Let's get this done NOW!

As someone who has been a fan and friend of @JohnKerry  for a long time, I could not be more excited about John being our new Climate Czar. This is a long-standing passion for him and there’s nobody better equipped to carry the banner.

Too many Portland-area businesses are hurting this year. If you’re searching for holiday gifts, please consider supporting a small business or buying a gift card to a local, independent restaurant. Here are some ideas for #SmallBusinessSaturday :

Exciting news — the @NatlParkService  has officially approved our request to add Darcelle XV, Portland's oldest drag club, to the National Register of Historic Places! It will be the first LGBTQ+ historic site designated in Oregon.


Trump’s just voted to give away the free & open internet to big corporations—completely disregarding what the American people want. #NetNeutrality 

White nationalists and racists are NOT welcome in Portland. Period.

Today, @Ocasi @SenSanderso2018, , and I unveiled our resolution to de #ClimateEmergencylare  a . This is about telling the truth about the climate crisis and the urgent, massive action needed to addr #GreenNewDeals #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateAction  #ClimateActionNowit . Now