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Anything can happen when people come together. There's a place for that. It's called Reddit.

TIL that the University of Oxford is 200 years older than the Aztecs, 300 years older than Machu Picchu, and 150 years older than the Easter Island heads. 🤯

What fact really puts the scale of time into an insane perspective? via r/AskReddit

Leaving this here for whoever needs it. 🍃

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Therapy: $$ Creating a throwaway account to air out all of your grievances: Free (You should still go to therapy though)


can't wait to explain this week to my therapist

all i'm saying is that reddit has an edit button

"I made a really big flip book during quarantine and people said to post it here. My love to everyone who is struggling right now." - u/s_e_e_t_h_r_o_u_g_h

A redditor took drone footage of yesterday's hellish atmosphere in San Francisco and set it to Blade Runner 2049's musical score. via r/woahdude

the best social platforms ranked: 9. you 8. can't 7. rank 6. them 5. they 4. all 3. provide 2. value 1. reddit

Thanks for the gold, kind stranger.

ugh it's miss reddit but thank you

Lady Gaga follows us on here and, quite frankly, that's all that matters

CHALLENGE TO REDDITORS: With so many engineers and hobbyists among us, can *we* collaborate to build a sus..