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The new totalitarians demand that no one criticize their view of the world.

Looked at one way, the politics of Obamacare have barely changed in 10 years: The law is more popular now than it was under President Obama, but even supporters still view it as flawed and fragmented, a placeholder more than a permanent solution.

The 532-word document is a response to the remarkable past six weeks or so at U.S. media and cultural institutions, which have experienced a wave of firings, resignations, and castigations over purportedly harmful words, deeds, and sometimes costumes.

Seattle's major business associations have still come out against the tax, arguing it will cost the city jobs. "Taxing jobs is bad public policy, and it is even more concerning as Seattle faces double-digit unemployment."

Don't expect the Bay State's official busybodies to throw in the towel; to the contrary, they want expanded enforcement power. All we get is an acknowledgment that even the prohibitionists know they're spinning their wheels.

Many look upon China's recent and obvious economic, foreign policy, human rights, and public health offenses and point fingers, not at Beijing but inward at U.S. policymakers from decades ago.

Some prominent bioethicists are arguing that it's time to recruit some healthy and willing young people, inject them with various experimental coronavirus vaccines, and then expose them to the virus

There are reasons to celebrate when someone steps in and challenges bad rules.

Federal agents — in Portland to carry out a recent executive order — fired into a crowd of peaceful protesters, shooting one man in the head with an impact munition #ReasonRoundup 


Video footage strongly contradicts Native American veteran Nathan Phillips' claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him. The media got this one completely wrong, writes

The British government has now opened up a route to citizenship for nearly 3 million Hong Kong residents.

Some Who Called @Snowden  a Traitor Now Shocked to Learn About All This Domestic Surveillance

Tulsi Gabbard called Kamala Harris a drug warrior and dirty prosecutor. She's right.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign spends at least $4,000 on Uber rides after she announced solidarity with taxis over the ride-sharing service.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is both a terrible place to work and a place that does terrible work

Experts have concluded it’s scientifically impossible that Rodney Reed is guilty - but the state is set to execute him anyway.

A stunning investigation shows South Carolina police raked in $17 million through asset forfeiture over three years, and in nearly a fifth of those cases, no one was charged with a crime

The CDC's new "best estimate" implies a COVID-19 infection fatality rate much lower than the numbers used in the horrifying projections that shaped the government response to the epidemic.

@justinamash  wants to make it harder for the police to violate your civil rights with impunity. Not a single Republican has signed on to cosponsor his bill.