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Her plan isn't perfect, but she's right that the system is broken. Congress should act to fix it.

The proposed Sunnyside Yards project would add tens of thousands of new housing units, but at too high a cost.

American troops are risking their lives to defend Syrian oil fields, but U.S. law is stopping anyone from using the oil. One man tried to “fix” the situation—or was it a con?

New York City’s successful defense of its arbitrary restrictions on transporting handguns highlights judicial disrespect for the Second Amendment.

Budget negotiations offer lawmakers the opportunity to ditch tax carve-outs and cut spending.

Law enforcement betrayed the trust of gun owners who were doing their best to comply with government-mandated confiscation.

Cities and communities have an uphill battle trying to get abusive and incompetent cops out of uniform.

Hongkongers realize winning full autonomy is unrealistic, but Chinese rule would ruin the freedoms they cherish, so they fight on.

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Video footage strongly contradicts Native American veteran Nathan Phillips' claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him. The media got this one completely wrong, writes

Tulsi Gabbard called Kamala Harris a drug warrior and dirty prosecutor. She's right.

Some Who Called @Snowden  a Traitor Now Shocked to Learn About All This Domestic Surveillance

Experts have concluded it’s scientifically impossible that Rodney Reed is guilty - but the state is set to execute him anyway.

In three years in office, Trump has added more to the national debt than President George W. Bush did in his entire two terms.

A stunning investigation shows South Carolina police raked in $17 million through asset forfeiture over three years, and in nearly a fifth of those cases, no one was charged with a crime

The Southern Poverty Law Center is both a terrible place to work and a place that does terrible work

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign spends at least $4,000 on Uber rides after she announced solidarity with taxis over the ride-sharing service.

A Michigan steel plant announced it's closing at the end of the year, while U.S. Steel stocks are down 75 percent since Trump's tariffs were announced.

Devin Nunes has long supported letting the feds secretly snoop on Americans call records, and he has attacked those who tried to stop it. Now he's reaping the consequences.