Secretary / Hillary Clinton / Iran Scandal

Our incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was the one who started talks to give 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran. Scandal!

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Secretary / Hillary Clinton / Iran Scandal

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Like everything else it just passes by without much comment but yesterday the president went to Minnesota where he complemented his supporters on their good genes which he warned are being undermined by refugees from Somalia.

I’m standing with @RepAOC  at Madison High School—Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s alma mater, my alma mater We’re here to remember RBG—champion for justice, trailblazer for women Dems are united in fighting to honor her last wish and all that’s at stake for health care & Americans' rights

AOC says all options are on the table to block RBG’s successor from being confirmed, including possibly impeaching Bill Barr to force the Senate to hold a trial.

- A 6th GOP justice, - nominated by pres who lost popular vote by 3 million, - who was impeached, - confirmed by GOP senators representing 15m fewer Ams than their Dem colleagues, - after his predecessor's pick couldn't even get a vote, - who may vote on the election? No way.

Trump Describes Ali Velshi Getting Hit by a Rubber Bullet During Live Protest Coverage as ‘A Beautiful Sight’

Biden’s campaign said on Sunday that it entered September with $466 million in the bank together with the Democratic Party, a vast financial advantage of about $141 million over President Trump heading into the intense final stretch of the campaign

“None of it happened the way the president described: The police had showed up on the scene and begun firing tear gas, unprovoked, at the protesters and reporters there. Velshi himself was hit with a rubber bullet, not a gas canister.”

The White House is preparing for an announcement of a SCOTUS nominee as soon as Tuesday, with Coney Barrett widely ahead on a short list of three women candidates. @peterbakernyt ⁩ and me.

@SecPompeo : Our maximum pressure campaign on the Iranian regime will continue until Iran stops spreading chaos, violence, and bloodshed.

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